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View of the city, Luanda

Practical info Luanda, Angola

Getting around the city

Public transport in Luanda is limited and the best means of getting around the city is by private car. Car hire is available from the airport; it's possible to also hire a car with a driver, which is a safer option than trying to navigate the city's chaotic streets alone. Minibus taxis (Candongueiros), recognised by their pale blue and white colouring, are the most popular means of transport for the local population; they generally offer a safe and fast means of transport around Luanda. Buses and trains are also available, but are not the most reliable transport in the city and are not recommended.


GMT +1.


Electrical current in Angola is 220 volts, 50Hz. Round two-pin plugs are in use.


The unit of currency is the Kwanza (AOA). Visitors should bring enough cash for their needs. Money can be exchanged at bureaux de change. Newly issued US dollars are the most acceptable currency. Credit cards are only accepted in larger hotels, and cash withdrawals are not possible. Few ATMs in Luanda accept foreign cards. Residents and non-residents can take up to 50 000 Kwanzas out of Angola.


The international dialling code for Angola is +244. There are many more mobile telephones than fixed lines and the mobile coverage around Luanda and other main centres is much more reliable than fixed lines. Internet access is available at most major hotels.

Emergency number

113 (Police); 112 (Ambulance); 115 (Fire).

Travel documents and health

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Public holidays


Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport

Getting to the city

Although there are buses from the airport to the city, it is better to use one of several taxi operators at the airport. It should be noted that taxi payment is by cash only (kwanzas or US dollars). Visitors are advised to make advance arrangements to be met by their sponsor, hotel representative or business colleagues at the airport.

Car rental

Europcar and Avis have car rental facilities at the airport.

Airport taxi's

There are several taxi companies operating around the airport and taxi payment is by cash only (drivers will also accept US Dollars).


Airport facilities include a restaurant, bar, post office, currency exchange, and 24-hour medical facilities.


There are three parking areas in front of the terminal with capacity for approximately 850 vehicles.


Internet is available at the airport.