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The best surf bites!

Surfing and good food are perfect partners. In fact, they may even be inseparable. There is nothing like a hearty meal before braving those waves. And surfing is a social activity, so after a day on the water it seems only natural to meet up and enjoy a delicious bite to eat.

Sometimes the eateries are more famous than the waves. The selection of restaurants where surfers like to gather for a tasty meal is as diverse as the surfing spots around the world. From food trucks and surf lodges to organic hamburgers and seasonal products. Travel with us to Oahu, Cape Town, Peniche and Sydney! Bon appétit!

A meal after a day of surfing
A meal after a day of surfing

Top 3 destinations

Put your signature on Giovanni’s food truck

Oahu: restaurants on wheels

Surfing is the local sport of Hawaii. The island of Oahu is teeming with surfing spots but has even more food trucks! For a few years now the concept of a restaurant on wheels has gained popularity around the world, but Oahu has known the phenomenon of a mobile kitchen for decades.
From taco or salad carts to fish and hamburger trucks; there is something for everyone. After a day of surfing there is nothing better than a quick and delicious bite at a restaurant on wheels right on the beach. One of the most famous food trucks is Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. The main ingredient on the menu is fresh shrimp and you will find the truck on Haleiwa or Kahuku beach. You will recognise the vehicle by the hundreds of signatures that customers have written on the side of it.
The view from the restaurant

Cape Town: off to a great start!

A few kilometres from downtown Cape Town lies Blouberg Strand, one of the most famous kitesurfing spots in the world. The beach boasts several breakfast places, but most surfers gather early in the morning at Carlucci’s for a hearty breakfast.
Carlucci’s has a beautiful view of Table Mountain and well trained baristas brew the best coffee. In addition to a hearty English breakfast, the menu also includes healthy sandwiches with Norwegian salmon and organic vegetables. For surfers who have pulled an all-nighter there is also a double breakfast burger.
The boulevard of Peniche

Peniche: eating, sleeping and surfing in 1 location

Peniche in Portugal is one of the most beautiful surf destinations in Europe. For the best waves head to Baleal, a 5-minute drive from Peniche. Here you will also find most of the surf shops and beach restaurants. A famous surfers’ hangout is Beyond a Lodge, a surf hotel and restaurant in all in one.
This restaurant favours organic, fresh and local cuisine. Healthy seasonal products are the main ingredients on the menu. The dishes resemble small colourful works of art and each bite is an explosion of flavour. In addition to lodging and food, the Lodge also offers surf lessons.
A hamburger of Moo Gourmet Burgers

Hamburgers to replenish your energy

Many wave surfers who come to Sydney will make Bondi Beach, the city’s surf paradise, their first stop. After spending a day on the water, there is (almost) nothing better than a large juicy hamburger. There is no shortage of greasy burgers in Sydney, but scoring an excellent organic burger can be a bit more difficult. Many surfers prefer the hamburgers at Moo Gourmet Burgers, available on Bondi Beach and at 3 other locations in and around Sydney.
Moo Gourmet Burgers offers a great selection of 20 outstanding hamburgers: there is something to satisfy the appetite of every hungry surfer. There are premium hamburgers, such as the double with Wagyu-beef, the duck & bacon, the Greeklamb and the grilled salmon. There are also 3 vegetarian options. The restaurant serves exclusively organic meat.

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Top 3 destinations