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From souk to shopping paradise

From the moment you step off the plane in Dubai you will embark on an unforgettable experience. The term 'shop ‘til you drop' seems to have been invented here. The selection of shops ranges from small individually owned businesses to the world’s most exclusive designer stores; there is never a dull moment when it comes to shopping in Dubai.

Even those with little interest in shopping will enjoy a visit to Dubai’s immense shopping malls. The world’s largest shopping centre in the world, the Dubai Mall, is truly impressive. Not only because there are over 1,200 stores, but also for its many attractions which include the world’s largest aquarium. Dubai’s second shopping destination, the Mall of the Emirates, even outdoes the Dubai Mall with an indoor ski slope. While the thermometers outside register temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, visitors breathe in the chilled air as they ski or snowboard down the artificial slopes.

The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall


“Strolling the stands in the Arab market”

Aromas and colours of the souk

For a traditional shopping experience visit Dubai’s 3 souks (Arab markets): the spice souk, the gold souk and the textile souk. The spice souk offers dozens of market stands displaying deliciously fragrant spices and herbs. The vendors are quite pro-active in promoting their wares but always in a friendly and polite manner. The gold souk exudes an Arabian Nights ambiance selling gold rings, bracelets and necklaces. Gold has always been quite affordable but don’t expect many bargains these days. However, vendors still offer up their wares to entice you to make a purchase.
Fashionistas will love the colourful textile souk: the stalls display a dazzling array of fabrics, shawls and harem trousers in every colour of the rainbow. Matching coloured shoes are also available here.
Madinat Souk in the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel
Mall of the Emirates