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A vibrant night out in Panama City

When the sun goes down, Panama City lights up. The city is well known for its vibrant nightlife and the inhabitants take their evening entertainment outdoors. The marvellous climate guarantees long, balmy nights with colourful cocktails and swinging music. Here is a small selection of the best restaurants, clubs and rooftop bars.

1. Cocktail with a view

panama city nightlife causeway

The Amador Causeway is a dam that connects the four Causeway islands with the mainland of Panama City. The area itself is a well-loved spot for going out. Traffic Island is a popular open air cocktail bar where you can taste a broad range of mojitos and other cocktails. The terrace offers a great view of the glittering skyline of the city on the other side of the water. To further enhance the Caribbean vibe the stirring sounds of salsa and merengue music predominate. Don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes!

Address: Amador Causeway, at the Isla Flamenco Shopping Plaza

2. Drinking in the cellar

Hidden under the old streets of Casco Viejo is the Relic Bar. This is without doubt the bar with the most unusual location in Panama City, namely a cellar between the ancient city walls. Guests can sit both in the cellar and outside on the terrace. The bar also has an artistic tint: Every Thursday evening an art work is created live by an upcoming local artist. These artworks then spend six weeks hanging in the gallery of the bar before going on sale.

Address: 3-28 Calle 9, Casco Viejo

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3. On the roof

Rooftop bars seem to be the new trend all over the world and Panama City is no exception. A hot spot among both locals and tourists is the Encima rooftop bar of the Tantalo Hotel. This roof terrace offers on one side a view of modern high-rises, on the other the historic roofs of Casco Viejo. Colourful cocktails, atmospheric lighting and fine music complete the look. The tapas restaurant downstairs is also a fine place to lay the foundations for the evening ahead. 

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4. The whole night long

Panama City has countless night clubs where you can dance until the sun comes up. Buzz attracts a varied public and is always busy. The DJ plays a diverse repertoire of 80’s and 90’s music mixed with salsa and Latino pop. For house music and hip-hop lovers, Pure is a good choice. This club has indoor and outdoor dance floors featuring a variety of different music styles.

Address Buzz: Plaza Pacifica, 2nd floor
Address Pure: Uruguay Street y 48th Street Bella Vista

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