Det ser ut som om nettleseren din er utdatert.
For å bruke alle funksjonene på på en trygg måte anbefaler vi deg å oppdatere nettleseren din eller velge en annen. Hvis du fortsetter med denne versjonen, kan det føre til at deler av nettstedet ikke vises på korrekt måte, eller ikke vises i det hele tatt. Personopplysningene dine vil dessuten være sikrere med en oppdatert nettleser.


Glaciers and grizzlies in Jasper NP

Impressive waterfalls, limestone ravines, glacier lakes and the oldest and highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Jasper National Park features unparalleled beauty. You will find this magnificent natural scenery just 370 kilometres away from Edmonton.

Founded in 1907, Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Rockies. The park boasts more than 10,000 kilometres of pristine wilderness. Jasper lies in the centre of the park; this laid-back mountain village with a relaxed vibe is packed with restaurants, shops and lodges. Travel along the spectacular Icefields Parkway to access Banff, another breathtaking national park.

The Athabasca Glacier

Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway runs right through Jasper to Lake Louise in Banff National Park. The road is only 232 kilometres long, but you may want to reserve a whole day and stop at the many spectacular viewpoints. The route offers numerous attractions. Along the way you will encounter more than 100 glaciers, including the famous Athabasca Glacier. This glacier is part of the Columbia Icefield, which includes 8 glaciers.

In addition to ice, Jasper National Park also boasts the hottest mineral springs in the Rockies: the Miette Hot Springs. The water that runs down the mountain to the hot springs can reach temperatures of 54 degrees Celsius. Then it cools to a comfortable 40 degrees so visitors can relax in the soothing warm waters.

The Icefields Parkway
Beautiful Maligne Lake

Bear spotting

Jasper National Park is home to hundreds of animal species, including moose, coyotes and mountain goats. But most visitors are especially on the lookout for bears. You will find both black bears and grizzly bears in Jasper. The best time to spot wildlife is early in the morning or right around dusk. Maligne Lake Road is a great wildlife viewing area. We also recommend this road for the spectacular scenery around Maligne Lake with its stunning blue water surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks.