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Dragon statue at roof temple, China

A fast developing cultural giant

China cannot be summarised in just a few sentences. Book flights to China and you will land in one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world. Get ready to encounter huge mountain chains, deserts, plains, islands, and river deltas, as well as some of the most impressive cities you will ever see. The temperature differences within the country are huge, from tropical heat in the south-east to icy cold in the north. The heritage of a 5000-year-old culture combined with the rapid modernisation of recent years make China an exceptionally fascinating destination.


To China

Imperial history

The history of China has been turbulent to say the least – unsurprisingly for such a large place and one of the world's oldest civilisations. Imperial dynasties ruled the country from 221 BC until the beginning of the 20th century. For hundreds of years, Chinese civilisation was among the most advanced cultures in the world. The Great Wall of China was built and the Terracotta Army sculpted during the Qin Dynasty. The compass was invented during the Tang Dynasty. And the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven were constructed during the Ming Dynasty. Many relics from Chinese history have been preserved and are well worth visiting. China is an ideal destination for an exceptional voyage of discovery. Experience it for yourself: book a flight to China now!

Endless possibilities

China is more than just its own history. There is a dynamic contemporary culture and you will find in the numerous metropolises a wealth of cultural entertainment, modern art, fine dining, nightlife and shopping. The list of top destinations is nearly endless ─ from the glittering entertainment mecca of Macau to the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong, and from the multifaceted world city of Shanghai to beautiful Kunming, the City of Eternal Spring. Then there is the incomparable Chinese cuisine: enjoy noodles and Peking Duck in Beijing or taste the famous spicy Sichuan cuisine in and around Chengdu. Drink silky smooth milk tea in Hong Kong and sip the famous green Longjing tea in Hangzhou. Despite their somewhat busy nature, Chinese people are very good at relaxing. Tai Chi is practiced in parks in the early mornings and massages or group meditation are available everywhere. In short, there is a great deal to see, experience and learn in China. It doesn’t really matter where you start, as long as you do.

Flights to China for an exceptional holiday

Looking for a cheap flight to China? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be in China before you know it.

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