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Music & Nightlife


From intimate concerts to large festivals

Looking for a musical holiday? Discover the best night clubs, bars, concerts and international festivals all around the world with KLM. Enjoy nostalgic fado music in Portuguese restaurants and visit trendy bars and clubs in Las Vegas. Dance lovers can party their hearts out on the Spanish island of Ibiza. All summer the most famous DJs in the world spin their tunes in the big nightclubs. Life is one big party!

Dress up and sing along

Swing your hips during Brazilian carnival or sing along with popular schlager songs at Germany’s Oktoberfest. All around the world, the most amazing festivals are celebrated. Nothing is for sale at the Burning Man festival in the United States but you can have a lot of fun exchanging items with other festival goers. So make sure to stock up on supplies and don’t forget to bring some colourful dress-up clothes! Celebrate Thai New Year during Songkran in Bangkok. Fill up your water gun and tuck away your camera: this celebration is a great excuse for the biggest water fight in the world. Expect to be surprised: book a holiday to the best music and nightlife destinations now!

Music for everyone

Tango in Argentina and opera in Italy. Music is strongly associated with culture. Visit Jamaica for tropical reggae tunes. If you would rather stomp your cowboy boots to the songs of Johnny Cash, then head to Nashville in the United States. But this country offers much more than just country music... Sway to soul music in Memphis or listen to a jazz concert in one of the many charming bars or jazz clubs in New Orleans. You may even discover the new Amy Winehouse!

Flights to a holiday with the best music and nightlife

Looking for a cheap ticket to musical destinations? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on holiday before you know it.

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The highlights of Music & Nightlife


Music & Nightlife: all destinations

Ottawa PLN 2274
Louisville PLN 2794
Santo Domingo PLN 2683
Abidżan PLN 4076
Florianopolis PLN 3664
Acapulco PLN 4163
Cuiaba PLN 4402
Raleigh/Durham PLN 3002
Belgrade PLN 705
Stambuł PLN 723
Berlin PLN 710
Campo Grande PLN 4028
Tijuana PLN 4066
Bejrut PLN 1590
Reykjavik PLN 1678
Ho Chi Minh PLN 2381
Siem Reap PLN 3309
Chicago PLN 1959
East London PLN 3614
Szanghaj PLN 2024
Toronto PLN 1805
Fortaleza PLN 3122
Dakar PLN 2981
Oakland PLN 3354
Singapur PLN 1992
Birmingham, AL PLN 2776
San Jose PLN 2344
Birmingham PLN 713
San Jose PLN 3372
Tel Aviv Yafo PLN 800
Biarritz PLN 1916
Augusta PLN 3071
Humberside PLN 1186
Richmond PLN 3100
Saloniki PLN 1014
Kluż PLN 1296
Bużumbura PLN 4447
Cali PLN 2842
Gwatemala PLN 3279
Columbus, OH PLN 3100
Bangkok PLN 2283
Madryt PLN 709
Manchaster PLN 733
Vientiane PLN 4006
Tajpej PLN 1954
Chiang Mai PLN 2966
Filadelfia PLN 2374
Cordoba PLN 3960
Ulsan PLN 3102
Albany, NY PLN 2705
Brisbane PLN 4199
Southampton PLN 1016
Pittsburgh PLN 2929
Las Vegas PLN 2973
Los Angeles PLN 2269
Trondheim PLN 756
Leeds PLN 885
Reno PLN 3354
Rennes PLN 1935
Goiânia PLN 3665
Ningbo PLN 2589
Memphis PLN 2929
Melbourne PLN 4085
Porto Seguro PLN 3659
Salvador PLN 3177
Fayetteville, AR PLN 3014
Düsseldorf PLN 710
Changsha PLN 2042
Sankt Petersburg PLN 802
Tulsa PLN 3014
Tunis PLN 1045
Palma De Mallorca PLN 998
Jackson, MS PLN 2776
Lexington PLN 2776
Brystol PLN 885
St Louis PLN 2947
Lafayette PLN 3077
Lome PLN 3513
Miami PLN 2536
Nanjing PLN 2715
Iasi PLN 1573
Stavanger PLN 713
Kurytyba PLN 3664
Budapeszt PLN 710
Bukareszt PLN 712
Papeete PLN 7862
Cardiff PLN 1099
Shantou PLN 2042
Kansas City PLN 2947
Milwaukee PLN 2929
Tokio PLN 1992
Knoxville PLN 2794
Hannover PLN 752
Haikou PLN 2042
Austin PLN 2888
Kisumu PLN 2925
Kijów PLN 781
Orlando PLN 3043
Waszyngton PLN 2459
Cork PLN 998
Pau PLN 1934
Mobile PLN 2776
Moskwa PLN 814
Brazzaville PLN 4592
Lincoln PLN 3162
Maputo PLN 3961
Kunming PLN 2591
Kalamazoo PLN 2929
Nowy Orlean PLN 3109
Johannesburg PLN 2993
Norwich PLN 1314
Kair PLN 1353
Phuket PLN 2529
Sacramento PLN 3354
Joao Pessoa PLN 4027
Montevideo PLN 3699
Teneryfa PLN 1154
Sao Paulo PLN 2410
San Diego PLN 2958
Savannah PLN 2794
Chartum PLN 3704
Inverness PLN 1487
Lusaka PLN 2997
Caracas PLN 4212
State College PLN 3082
Santiago PLN 4599