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Learn how to dive in paradise

Aruba is an island paradise, both above and below the surface of the ocean. Here you will find some of the most spectacular dive spots in the world. Those who cannot dive will miss out on beautiful reefs and fascinating shipwrecks. But not to worry, diving is easy to learn – whether you wish to become a certified diver or simply try an introductory test dive.

Diving certificates are much sought after in the Caribbean waters around Aruba. Most tourists go for an Open Water Diver certificate so they can dive to a depth of 18 metres - under supervision of course but still great fun! With some theory and a few practice dives, you can become a certified diver in 3 days. And that is just the beginning of your underwater adventure.

Diving with an instructor
Diving with an instructor


Clear, warm water

Although one can learn how to dive in a swimming pool, it is a lot more pleasant to have your first experience in a tropical underwater paradise. The corals, fish, seahorses, rays, shrimp and crustaceans: they all look a lot more attractive in the crystal clear water. And as Aruba is just north of the equator, the water is also delightfully warm.

Aruba boasts a large number of dive schools and anybody who is willing to invest a little of their time will benefit for the rest of their life. It only takes a few days to become a certified diver with one of the 2 largest dive organizations in the world, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Scuba Schools International (SSI). There is not much of a difference between these 2 certificates and the facilities on Aruba comply with strict safety regulations. The most important factor in the learning process is usually the dive instructor.
Learn how to dive on Aruba
Your new habitat

From trial to certification

A dive course often begins in the hotel swimming pool. Aruba’s better hotels offer their own courses or can recommend a good diving centre – these courses are often referred to as a ‘resort course'. After a session in the swimming pool to become familiar with the diving equipment, you go on your first dive. In PADI terminology this dive is called a Discover Scuba Diving (DSD). Many fall in love with diving and then decide to become a certified scuba-diver.

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First stop: the pool
A departing sailboat

Diving from a catamaran

Diving and sailing go well together. Packages that combine both activities are becoming very popular. Red Sail Sports Aruba offers special Dive & Sail tours: after 2 dives you enjoy a sunset sailing tour on a beautiful catamaran. Book this tour via www.redsailaruba.com 