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Historical sites & holiday destinations


Stroll through ancient sites

Looking for a destination with a fascinating past? Discover the most beautiful historical destinations in the world with KLM. Stroll around ancient excavated villages in Europe. Or spend a few days with your children exploring the American Museum of Natural History in New York where evolution comes to life. History fascinates!

Historic treasures

From the kilometres-long Chinese Wall in China to the stone city of Petra in Jordan: the world is full of historical sites. Take Italy for example. Visit famous cities such as Pompeii, unearthed after years hidden under a layer of ash. Visit the Colosseum in Rome or admire the Spanish Steps. Would you like to learn more about the Mayan culture? Mexico offers a wealth of historical sites. Visit the city of Chitzen Itza, full of famous Mayan ruins. This is one of the 7 modern wonders of the world! Expect to be surprised: book a flight to some amazing historical destinations now!

Learn from history

There are also important sites around the world that show the dark side of history. Concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland is one of the most moving monuments remembering victims of World War 2. Words cannot express what happened here. Another chilling monument can be found at the Killing Fields in Cambodia where horrific cruelties took place not that long ago. Fortunately there are also less sombre monuments, such as the world-famous temple complex packed with history at Angkor Wat.

Flights to an impressive historical holiday

Looking for a cheap ticket to historical destinations? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on holiday before you know it.

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History: all destinations

Zagreb THB 27460
Bristol THB 27810
Vitoria THB 71485
Rabat THB 30865
Stuttgart THB 30620
Cancun THB 60135
Omaha THB 40150
Porto Alegre THB 71555
Merida THB 89070
Quebec THB 50250
Milan THB 21710
Iasi THB 46595
Quito THB 71435
Quimper THB 29345
Clermont-Ferrand THB 31320
Allentown THB 39795
Dothan THB 62890
Valencia THB 22605
Florence THB 30170
Albuquerque THB 56680
Bucharest THB 41645
Albany, GA THB 60900
Genoa THB 30280
Aberdeen THB 27850
Cardiff THB 27755
Cuiaba THB 81595
Milwaukee THB 41305
Istanbul THB 22280
Berlin THB 30720
Recife THB 71550
Brest THB 28905
Lima THB 81930
Athens THB 23225
Lisbon THB 26155
Harrisburg THB 39795
Atlanta THB 43810
Wichita THB 55515
Strasbourg THB 31150
Chattanooga THB 55690
Addis Ababa THB 51780
Appleton THB 41305
Elmira THB 40455
Charlottesville THB 55160
Flint THB 56675
Belfast THB 35965
Charleston, SC THB 42885
Vilnius THB 34210
Huntsville THB 55690
Alexandria THB 58000
Green Bay THB 41305
Scranton THB 39795
Kiev THB 45930
Birmingham THB 42885
Grand Rapids THB 42630
Washington THB 42005
Warsaw THB 26765
San Jose THB 63895
Tallahassee THB 58250
Birmingham THB 24235
Panama City THB 68105
Tallinn THB 30250
Lilongwe THB 51950
Toulon THB 40900
San Jose THB 66815
Toulouse THB 31105
Bastia THB 31855
Greenville, SC THB 42885
Bilbao THB 22010
Richmond THB 39795
Ostrava THB 39970
Moscow THB 20995
Fayetteville, NC THB 58250
Cluj THB 46800
Hartford/Springfield THB 40455
Lincoln THB 55515
Guatemala City THB 93355
Sao Luiz THB 74870
Portland, ME THB 40455
Madrid THB 28925
Newcastle THB 25555
Ajaccio THB 31850
Venice THB 30275
Manaus THB 74865
Erie THB 69445
Nantes THB 24500
Linköping THB 24055
Bologna THB 30125
Marseille THB 31130
Saginaw THB 42630
Columbus, MS THB 62890
Sofia THB 25715
Luanda THB 40960
New Orleans THB 43670
Nashville THB 42885
Alicante THB 31375
Southampton THB 24780
Algiers THB 45595
Dayton THB 39795
Muscat THB 64795
Johannesburg THB 45480
Leeds THB 26180
Edinburgh THB 26200
Lorient THB 29365
Turin THB 30260
Guayaquil THB 84855
Bordeaux THB 31030
Rennes THB 27790
Munich THB 24970
Amman THB 42515
Boston THB 39130
อัมสเตอร์ดัม THB 22500
Cagliari THB 31940
Cairo THB 40895
Larnaca THB 36935
Akron THB 39795
Rome THB 25940
Casablanca THB 31625
Sacramento THB 59060
Memphis THB 40700
Joao Pessoa THB 74800
Yerevan THB 48355
Montreal THB 42625
Vigo THB 34675
San Salvador THB 93505
Mexico City THB 70455
Evansville THB 42630
Detroit THB 39350
San Antonio THB 40150
Charleston, WV THB 55160
Savannah THB 42885
Khartoum THB 42035
Lourdes THB 37995
Dublin THB 27510
Columbus, GA THB 60900
New Bern THB 66365
South Bend THB 41305
Fayetteville, AR THB 55515
Managua THB 82830
Brunswick THB 70340
Bahrain THB 59475
St Petersburg THB 29090
Tunis THB 43465
Palma de Mallorca THB 33320
Vienna THB 22450
Bremen THB 30930
Bari THB 30380