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Fashion capital of Scandinavia

Copenhagen is the fashion capital of Scandinavia, as its stylish inhabitants show every day. Clothing plays an important role in the lives of the Copenhageners, who brave the cool climate in the most beautiful and warmest creations. The Danish fashion industry is flourishing like never before and there are countless successful designers for you to discover.

Well served by international fashion fairs and Copenhagen Fashion Week, Denmark is at the centre of the world fashion map. Chic, functional and always with a raw edge, Danish fashion is refined and yet portable. The elegant garments by Danish designers are characterised by high-quality materials and natural colours. Famous names include InWear, Huset Sand and ONLY. Even more exciting are the smaller fashion houses conquering the world from their base in Copenhagen. As you would expect, the capital is perfect for discovering the boutiques of upcoming Danish talents.

Fashion city Copenhagen
Fashion city Copenhagen


Bold prints by Stine Goya

Fresh individualism

Nørrebrogade in central Copenhagen is the location of Stine Goya’s shop. This young Dane started out as a model and fashion student before opening her own clothing line in 2006. Her fresh colours and bold prints gave a real jolt to the Danish fashion world. Each garment has a unique character, and the designs exude a sense of drama. The magic word for Stine Goya is individualism and fashion-conscious young Danes are crazy about her designs.

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Stine Goya, Nørrebrogade 45 B, 2200 Copenhagen

Playful clothing

The heart of Copenhagen is the home base of Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave, the women behind Baum und Pferdgarten. Their designs push the boundaries between male and female, minimalistic and bombastic, glossy and dull. Whether it be funny prints, crazy collars or exceptional buttons, clothing by Baum und Pferdgarten always incorporates a little joke. The boutique is a wonderful place to browse among classic garments and playful avant-garde designs, which you can combine in endless ways.

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Baum und Pferdgarten seek out the contrasts

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Baum und Pferdgarten, Vognmagergade 2, 1120 Copenhagen

The Bredgade

Sustainable fairy-tale dresses

To enter Trash-Couture’s shop on Bredgade in Copenhagen is to step into a fairy-tale world of lace, ruffles and shiny silk. This artful clothing label uses leftover fabric from exclusive fashion houses for its collections. Natural silk is then sewn together with these scraps into special creations by hand. The result is a clothing line with unique gala and cocktail dresses and wedding gowns. Thanks to their sustainable creative process, Trash-Couture’s dresses have in recent years achieved a kind of cult status among environmentally conscious fashionistas.

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A couture dress by Peter Ingwersen

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Danish clothing designers are at the cutting edge of ethical fashion. Peter Ingwersen is one of the figures in the forefront of this development, and his label Noir sets the bar for the Danish clothing industry. Noir’s garments are made of ethically acquired and eco-friendly materials. The cotton comes from Uganda and is woven in Turkey before it is sewn into wonderful haute couture. Sustainability takes nothing away from style at Noir: the clothing line inspired by rock and roll shines on the catwalk thanks to its metallic colours and sharp cut.