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Sun & Beach holidays


Lazing in the shade of the palm trees

Wish to restore your energy with a relaxing beach holiday? Discover the best beach holidays in the world with KLM. Step into the deep blue waters of the Spanish island Ibiza or float on a mattress in the sea at one of Brazil’s beaches. Read a book in the shade of the palm trees on Aruba. A sun holiday is the perfect way to relax!

Turquoise blue water and bright white sand

No matter what time of year, there are beautiful white sunny beaches around the world with swaying palm trees and a deep blue ocean. Parade on the sand of Whitehaven Beach in Australia and enjoy the ocean’s many shades of blue. Or rent a bungalow by the sea in Thailand and start the day with a refreshing dive into the crystal clear ocean. Expect to be surprised: book a flight to the most beautiful sun and beach destinations now!

Unique beaches

Beaches come in all shapes and sizes. Visit a glass beach in the United States. Washed up glass is transformed into a beach full of colourful polished pebbles. Some beaches are known for their remarkable colour. Hawaii has an olive green beach and the Bahamas is famous for its charming sun-drenched pink beach. Blown off the beach by a plane? On the island of St. Maarten, airline pilots throttle up upon take-off to watch the tourists on the beach behind the runway roll into the ocean.

Flights to relaxing beach holidays

Looking for a cheap ticket to the best beach destinations in the world? With KLM, your holiday begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on your beach holiday before you know it.

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Beach: all destinations

Vitoria USD 1108
Honolulu USD 793
Santo Domingo USD 1186
Kuala Lumpur USD 579
Myrtle Beach USD 638
Fort Lauderdale USD 505
Abidjan USD 776
Florianopolis USD 1109
Şeyseller USD 725
Brindisi USD 484
Kuveyt USD 536
Akra USD 811
Recife USD 894
Fort Myers USD 475
Freetown USD 927
Adelaide USD 1132
Gulfport USD 670
East London USD 915
West Palm Beach USD 475
Fortaleza USD 878
Bergen USD 314
Jacksonville, NC USD 670
Dalian USD 644
George USD 824
San Jose Cabo USD 792
Jeju USD 1122
Toulon USD 185
Valparaiso/Ft Walton USD 583
Bastia USD 285
San Juan USD 550
Malaga USD 320
Biarritz USD 403
Rio de Janeiro USD 1155
Natal USD 992
Calvi USD 267
Nice USD 186
Ajaccio USD 343
Tampa USD 475
Orange County USD 736
Port Harcourt USD 1463
Chiang Mai USD 790
Mombasa USD 1620
Cotonou USD 993
Maui USD 793
Luanda USD 1706
Koh Samui USD 816
Ulsan USD 1066
Maceio USD 1209
Trieste USD 454
Bonaire USD 1174
Libreville USD 990
Melbourne USD 1130
Porto Seguro USD 1108
Nha Trang USD 1586
Sarasota USD 670
Durban USD 848
Salvador USD 894
Okinawa USD 945
Malabo USD 1804
Palma De Mallorca USD 274
Palermo USD 456
Cartagena USD 669
Nampula USD 983
Jacksonville, FL USD 475
Traverse City USD 680
Pensacola USD 475
Lome USD 959
Cancun USD 653
Curaçao USD 1071
Key West USD 485
Miami USD 484
Lamezia-Terme USD 465
Dubai USD 431
Dzaoudzi USD 1528
Kigali USD 673
Havana USD 700
Melbourne USD 615
Saint Martin USD 1089
Aruba USD 1209
Abu Dabi USD 558
Sydney USD 1120
Sanya USD 691
Norfolk USD 624
Pointe a Pitre USD 862
Panama City USD 1031
Punta Cana USD 1181
Busan USD 1066
Montpellier USD 406
Lagos USD 754
Entebbe USD 447
Fort de France USD 900
Mauritius USD 776
Daytona Beach USD 475
Da Nang USD 1593
Dar es Salaam USD 683
Qingdao USD 649
Wilmington USD 630
Zanzibar USD 587
Cagliari USD 503
Kahire USD 703
Phuket USD 754
Joao Pessoa USD 1208
Montevideo USD 1091
San Diego USD 643