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Culinary holidays


Be inspired by top chefs

Looking for an exciting culinary holiday? Discover the most beautiful gastronomic destinations in the world with KLM. Take a cookery workshop in Asia and learn how to prepare beautiful dishes at home. Or be pampered in the best restaurants in Europe. Of course a good glass of wine is a must. Travel through the famous vineyards in France, South Africa and the United States for delicious wine tastings. Take the best wines home. Cheers!

Prepare the most beautiful dishes

Would you like to dazzle your guests with gourmet cuisine? Take cooking lessons in Thailand. A local cook will accompany you to the market to shop for exotic ingredients. Next you will learn the secrets of Thai cuisine. Fish lovers will enjoy the intricacies of a sushi workshop in Japan. Making those rice rolls is harder than it looks. And book a trip to Spain to learn the fine art of making tapas. Take a tapas workshop and learn how to create some delicious small dishes. Expect to be surprised: book flights to a culinary holiday now!

Culinary fireworks

A culinary holiday is also the perfect opportunity to be pampered in the finest restaurants. Noma in Denmark has been named the best restaurant in the world several times. But the wait can be long so don’t forget to reserve ahead of time! For a unique experience visit restaurant Modern Toilet in Taiwan. You are not only seated on a toilet, but your food is also served in a toilet bowl. Apparently the food is quite tasty. Looking for something fancier? How about a restaurant in the Maldives that lies 5 metres below the surface of the ocean? Tropical fish practically swim past your plate. But rest assured, the quality of the food rises far above the location of the restaurant!

Flights to a culinary holiday

Looking for a cheap flight to various gastronomic destinations? With KLM, your culinary trip begins the moment you step onboard. Your journey will fly by with your own entertainment set on intercontinental flights: free films, games and music. Enjoy our selection of snacks or a tasty dinner and drinks. Add in our many handy extra services (some available for a supplement) and you’ll be on holiday before you know it.

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The highlights of Food & drinks


Food & drinks: all destinations

Rapid City USD 680
Vitoria USD 1107
Kilimanjaro USD 720
Rabat USD 359
Zürih USD 209
Louisville USD 630
Kuala Lumpur USD 611
Quebec USD 513
Aalborg USD 280
Barselona USD 199
Quito USD 1319
Valensiya USD 210
Floransa USD 224
Cenova USD 251
Aberdeen USD 224
San Francisco USD 535
Raleigh/Durham USD 589
Wenzhou USD 602
Belgrade USD 318
Lyon USD 186
Springfield USD 680
Christchurch USD 1834
Paris USD 180
Adelaide USD 1165
Charlottesville USD 624
Paramaribo USD 1778
Cedar Rapids USD 680
Bangui USD 1594
Alexandria USD 760
Singapur USD 736
Toulouse USD 196
Hue USD 1386
Bilbao USD 201
Malaga USD 320
Pereira USD 615
Naples USD 285
Perth USD 1089
Cleveland USD 507
Bujumbura USD 668
Antananarivo USD 1670
Bamako USD 530
Perpignan USD 199
Nice USD 186
Newcastle USD 227
Bolonya USD 200
Ndjamena USD 739
Philadelphia USD 536
Auckland USD 1831
Cotonou USD 994
Kopenhag USD 198
Algiers USD 291
Cape Town USD 726
Torino USD 215
Guayaquil USD 1837
Trieste USD 455
Bordeaux USD 198
Bogota USD 611
Mumbai/Bombay USD 626
Roma USD 197
Memphis USD 612
Mexico City USD 661
Detroit USD 500
Nha Trang USD 1586
Dublin USD 191
Dusseldorf USD 210
Catania USD 444
Montgomery USD 630
Tucson USD 667
Bari USD 206
Lexington USD 630
Traverse City USD 680
Zagreb USD 237
Brüksel USD 235
Phnom Penh USD 1233
Manchester, NH USD 512
Lafayette (Lafayette Bölgesel Havaalanı) USD 728
Lamezia-Terme USD 465
Milano USD 191
Baton Rouge USD 680
Buffalo USD 512
Buenos Aires USD 969
Papeete USD 2053
Saint-Denis (Réunion) USD 1132
Lima USD 1225
Lizbon USD 195
Atlanta USD 554
Wichita USD 630
Strazburg USD 294
Prag USD 197
Ljubljana USD 252
Monrovia USD 1358
Pasco USD 736
Durham USD 280
Sanya USD 694
Asheville USD 630
Washington USD 509
Cork USD 297
Varşova USD 210
Mobile USD 630
Minot USD 760
Fresno USD 736
Montpellier USD 406
Ouagadougou USD 758
Miyazaki USD 945
Portland, ME USD 512
Hangzhou USD 1216
Spokane USD 736
Kumamoto USD 945
Halifax USD 514
Nantes USD 317
Marsilya USD 198
Nürnberg USD 192
New Orleans USD 551
Wilmington USD 630
Edinburgh USD 227
Monterrey USD 985
Münih USD 197
Hong Kong USD 750
Kelowna USD 575
Columbia, SC USD 630
Guangzhou USD 630
Casablanca USD 329
Cayenne USD 1086
Sao Paulo USD 849
New York USD 476
Kinşasa USD 1045
Lüksemburg USD 210
Mwanza USD 965
Glasgow USD 233