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Santiagos vibrant nightlife

Chileans have a reputation for being more reserved than other South Americans. But that hardly seems to apply to Santiago’s nightlife; it is just as lively and fun as in Buenos Aires and Lima. Locals party in the numerous bars and clubs of the Chilean capital as if there is no tomorrow.

Santiago’s nightlife gets off to a late start. Before the Santiaguinos head to a bar or club, they first come together after dinner for a ‘previa’ or pre-party. Most clubs open their doors around 11:00 pm, begin to fill up after 1:00 am and only close when the sun comes up. Chileans then typically tuck into a ‘lomito’ or ‘completo’ (a hot dog or steak sandwich) before partying until late in the afternoon at an after party. Each nightlife district has its own vibe and appeals to a particular crowd. Here are the top 3 Santiago nightlife destinations.

Santiago is a lively city after sunset
Santiago is a lively city after sunset

Santiago de Chile

La Casa en el Aire

Bohemian Bellavista

Santiago's most popular nightlife district is Bellavista, sandwiched between the Mapocho River and Mount San Cristóbal. Originally home to Santiago’s wealthy population, Bellavista is now a hip area full of shops, cafés, art galleries, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. La Casa en el Aire offers a romantic candlelight dinner with live music, and small Club La Feria is housed in an old theatre where famous DJs spin house, techno and electro.

Mainstream Vitacura

The northeast district of Vitacura is less trendy and upscale than Bellavista, but it is also packed with bars, restaurants and clubs. La Previa is great for cocktails and dinner, whereas Las Urracas looks like a sophisticated lounge bar with a restaurant and night club. Feel like a VIP at Club Eve - this is perhaps Santiago’s most exclusive night club, complete with a strict door policy, VIP area and a restaurant that remains open until 5:00 am.

“Feel like a VIP in Club Eve, Santiago’s most exclusive night club”

Club de Jazz de Santiago

Swinging Ñuñoa

Louis Armstrong and Herbie Hancock once played up a storm at Club de Jazz de Santiago, and even today the venue regularly hosts famous musicians. This jazz club, established in 1943, is located in the upcoming neighbourhood Ñuñoa. The area around Plaza Ñuñoa teems with cafés, and fans of loud rock and screaming guitars gather at authentic rock ‘n’ roll bars Batuta, House Rock and Rock y Guitarras. Another popular destination is HBH, a beer pub and micro-brewery close to the square.