KLM Webmail
N.B. The letter you’ve received to log on to MyKLC contains wrong information!!
Logging on from home - on a Windows XP system
  • Webaddress: www.myklc.org
  • Userid: splzc001\klc(your personnel/netline number)
  • Password: the password in the letter
Logging on at the Crew Centre at a Crew Work Station (Windows NT)
  • Webaddress: www.myklc.org
  • Userid: klc(your personnel/netline number)
  • Password: the password in the letter
  • Domain: splzc001

You need to provide the userid and password that you use in the office for connecting to your pc or the userid and password you have received in the letter. You also need to provide a domain: "domain\userid". You can find your domain in the window you get when you use CTRL+ALT+DEL on your KLC PC and choose Change password or you can find the domain in the letter you have received.

If you need assistance please contact the IT helpdesk at +31 (0)20 64 90200 (During Office hours) or +31 (0)20 64 91324 (Outside office hours).

Without official authorisation you may not access this service.
KLM services may only be used for conducting KLM business. Any other use should be authorized beforehand by KLM management. KLM may audit data and electronic communications used and conducted through this service. By using this service, you accept KLM's information security user policy, described in further detail in the brochure "Code of conduct for E-mail and Internet Use".