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Working at KLM
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“The diverse and challenging assignments in the MPI-programme enable you to become intimately acquainted with not only KLM, but also yourself.”


Arjan Kampman

“Before I started working at KLM as part of the Management Program ICT (MPI), I studied Technical Business Administration and, afterwards, obtained a Master’s degree in Business & ICT from the University of Groningen. During my studies, I developed a good understanding of the managerial and human aspects of IT, both of which play an important role at KLM in their daily flight and IT operations.”

Why I chose KLM

“During my studies, I came across a number of different traineeship opportunities. After spending six months in South Africa, I applied for a number of these traineeships. I ultimately chose KLM because of my immense fascination with the aviation industry, which I’ve had ever since I was a child. IT was a logical choice for me due to my academic background. The minimum margins in the aviation sector mean that even KLM has to be creative in order to turn a profit. The key role that IT can play in this is what appeals to me most.

In addition to the above, the programme also offers you the possibility to get acquainted with various aspects of the organisation and to develop your skills quickly over the relatively short period of two years. You are given a wide range of challenging assignments with a large degree of responsibility, which allow you to gain a different perspective of the organisation every time. You can also immediately apply what you learned in the last assignment to the next one. And, from the very start, you receive excellent supervision in the form of a mentor and get to work with experienced managers who know how to challenge you in every assignment. The contents of the assignments are tailored to your personal development and expose you to new situations again and again.”

My assignments

“For my first assignment, I studied possibilities to expand the use of SAP within KLM compared to the current usage. Since SAP is used in several departments within KLM, I had the opportunity to see much of the organisation over a short time frame. It was also fascinating to see how a large organisation like KLM deals with tactical IT issues.

For my second assignment, I supervised three project managers who were responsible for HR and safety risk projects. I especially enjoyed the challenge of trying to get the most out of the projects and dealing with the large number of stakeholders on the corporate level.

I am currently working on my third assignment, which involves managing a team of five IT specialists, who are responsible for the daily resolution of incidents and changes in our IT systems. These systems are used for daily flight operations and baggage handling at KLM. My assignment focuses primarily on improving the output of the department and the migration with Air France. This assignment is completely different from the previous two, and the HR-related activities and large number of changes on a daily basis are a fantastic challenge.

The numerous aspects of the aviation sector, the collaboration with Air France, and the diverse and challenging assignments in the DPI programme enable you to become intimately acquainted with not only KLM, but also yourself!”