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The selection process for the KLM Management Traineeship involves a number of different steps.

The application form

By submitting an application and enclosing your CV you will give us an initial picture of your background, personality and any experience you may already have.

The capacity test

Sollicitatieprocedure Management Traineeship

The capacity test, which is conducted by the psychological consultancy firm LTP, consists of a number of intelligence tests (number sequences, analogies, tables/diagrams). Immediately after the test you will find out if you meet the required standard.

If so an interview with a KLM recruiter will follow. Based on this interview we will determine if you are selected for the mini assessment.

The mini assessment

In conjunction with a psychologist and a recruiter you will be interviewed, participate in a role play and complete a personality questionnaire. The purpose of this mini assessment is to make an initial selection for the final assessment. You will receive the result within a few days.

The final assessment

By means of two role plays, a case, an interview and personality questionnaires we will form a picture of your competencies. This assessment takes a whole day. Throughout this day you will be observed by consultants from LTP and by KLM managers. You will receive the result at the end of the day and a comprehensive report will be send to you within two weeks.

The meeting with a Divisional Director

You will attend a meeting with one of our Divisional Directors who will make the ultimate decision about your appointment. This meeting will take place in the week after the final assessment. You will be told the result of your meeting immediately afterwards. If the result is positive, we will make you an offer of employment right away.

Start date

To apply for the KLM Management Traineeship you have to be fluent in the Dutch language. For further application steps you are directed to the Dutch website.