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Working at KLM
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Working ‘in operations’ means working at Schiphol airport, where it's all about the handling of aircraft, baggage and freight and providing services to passengers on the ground. Schiphol is a dynamic environment and the heart of our flight operations.

Jobs in operations

Werken in de operatie

Schiphol is the daily environment of most KLM employees in operational roles, such as ground crew (service agents), landside agents, airside agents, lounge agents, baggage handlers, hangar employees, warehouse employees, etc.

KLM also has a range of office positions close to the operations at Schiphol, such as HR Manager, Project Manager, management trainees, administrative assistant, controller, purchaser, analyst, crew scheduler, etc. For more information about office jobs see ‘Office & management’.


The handling of passengers, baggage and aircraft at Schiphol is in the hands of the Ground Services division. The employees of this division are responsible for everything that happens on the ground – and that is a lot! We are not just talking about check-in, baggage and loading, but also about fuelling and cleaning the aircraft. All this is done by people who are not afraid to get stuck in, with an eye on the needs of the customer. Needless to say, everything is done very securely and efficiently.


As one of the biggest air freight transporters in the world, our freight is taken care of by AIR FRANCE Cargo-KLM Cargo. Cargo transports cover a range of goods, such as car and aircraft components, clothing and mail, flowers and fresh produce, medicines and live animals. The focal point is always the wishes of the customer.


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