Important Travel information

Please carefully read the travel information below. This information was revised in January 2018.


Would you like to know more about your baggage allowance? See how much baggage you can take, plus our fees and discounts for extra bags and special baggage.


Restricted or prohibited items

There are a number of items that may not be carried in your hand baggage and/or check-in baggage or that are restricted. Read more about the special rules we have for bringing certain items with you onboard.

Check-in and baggage drop-off times

Check-in time

Passengers are asked to arrive well in time before departure at KLM’s check-in location and boarding gate, no later than the time as indicated by KLM. Check-in times vary per airport. Also, check-in times may vary if your flight is being operated by a partner airline; please check the corresponding websites for correct check-in times. You will find the operating airlines on your booking confirmation. If passengers do not check in or arrive at the boarding gate on time, KLM is entitled to cancel the space reserved for the passengers.

View check-in and baggage drop-off times


Delay, cancellation and denied boarding

KLM will always do anything possible to avoid delay, cancellations or denied boarding. However, in case this may happen to you, KLM will offer assistance and compensation, depending on the duration of the delay and the duration of your flight. For more information on rights of passengers with regard to compensation and/or assistance, view the leaflet “Assistance and compensation ”. Please make sure that your contact details are available to us, so we can inform you directly.