KLM keeps predicate 'Royal'

02 January 2013 | For another 25 years may KLM may continue to carry its Royal Crown.

KLM 'Royal' 93 years

KLM keeps predicate 'Royal'

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has extended the right of KLM to carry the predicate 'Royal'. A great honour, which was granted for another period of 25 years. KLM has carried the predicate already 93 years.

“KLM is exceedingly proud that Her Majesty the Queen has seen fit to bestow this honour upon us once more. This reaffirms just how Dutch KLM really is” says Peter Hartman, President & CEO of KLM.

KLM was founded on 7 October 1919. Even before its founding, Queen Wilhelmina granted KLM the predicate 'Royal'. This was extraordinary, because the predicate is usually only granted after at least a hundred years, and only if a company meets all kinds of high requirements.


'Royal' and the swan

The ‘Royal’ value of KLM previously came to expression in KLMs famous "Swan" advertising campaigns. The swan is associated with pride, reliability, quality, strength, style and royalty.

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