Internet banking with iDEAL

iDEAL is a form of real time banking. It allows you to pay directly for your flight reservation on Because your payment is processed immediately, we will send you your e-ticket straight away.

The advantages of iDEAL

iDEAL offers many advantages over other payment methods.

Paying via iDEAL is a very safe way to purchase your tickets online. iDEAL is easy to access, simple to use and free of cost. Your name and IBAN will not be disclosed until you approve the payment.

Immediately after completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation message. Your online bank account summary will also be updated.


Can I pay with iDEAL?

You can pay with iDEAL if you have an account with one of these Netherlands-based banks:

  • ASN Bank
  • Bunq
  • ING
  • KNAB
  • Rabobank
  • SNS Bank
  • SNS Regio Bank
  • Triodos Bank
  • Van Lanschot

  • You also need to have access to the Internet banking system of your bank.


How does it work?

  1. When you make an online reservation on the KLM website of the Netherlands, choose ‘iDEAL’ from the payment methods on the payment page.
  2. Choose your bank. The Internet banking website of your bank will be opened where you can log in as usual. You will need your Internet banking log in details.
  3. The details of your purchase have already been pre filled. Next, you can finalise the transaction the way you are used to.
  4. As soon as your payment has been completed, you will see a payment confirmation message. Next, you will be redirected to the KLM website, where you will find the confirmation of your flight reservation.
  5. You will also immediately receive a confirmation e-mail and your e-ticket(s) via e-mail.