Incentive scheme

The Blue Credits your company earns on each flight depend on the destination and booking class.

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Incentive scheme


Departure from
Buenos Aires:


EuropeMiddle EastAsiaBooking class
World Business
160 bc180 bc200 bcAir France/KLM: J; C; D; Z; I
Premium Economy
100 bc110 bc130 bcAir France: A; S; W
Economy Class80 bc100 bc130 bcAir France/KLM: Y; B; M
Economy Class70 bc80 bc100 bcAir France/KLM: U; K; H; L
Economy Class60 bc70 bc80 bcAir France/KLM: Q; T

Economy Class

50 bc60 bc70 bcAir France/KLM: N; R; V

 Blue Credits earning scheme for round-trip travel to Santiago from Buenos Aires with KLM operated flight.


Blue CreditsBooking class
World Business Class40 bcJ; C; D; I; Z
Economy Class20 bcY; B; M; U; K; H; Q; L; T; N; R; V


KLM ticket with number 074 / AIR FRANCE ticket with number 057:

  • with codes AF/KL/A5

*1 BC (Blue Credit) = 1 USD

This table is applicable for Round Trips. One Way trips entitle half of the Blue Credits. The BlueBiz number must be included on the reservation for the Blue Credits to be credited to your account.

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