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Air travel connects people all over the world and creates welfare and jobs worldwide. Unfortunately, it also has an impact on the environment. That is why we actively work towards reducing, controlling and compensating CO₂ emissions.

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KLM CO₂ Reduction Roadmap

We feel it is important to take responsibility, being one of the bigger players in the aviation industry. That is why we have a CO₂ Reduction Roadmap, a plan that combines the available solutions of today with innovative developments for tomorrow. Our current goal is to reduce the CO₂ per passenger with 20% by 2020 (in comparison to 2011). By the end of 2017 we had already reduced our CO₂ with 16%.

Read more about the CO₂ Reduction Roadmap.



On top of our own CO₂ reduction investments, we know that passengers want to play their own active role in reducing their environmental footprint. That’s why we’ve initiated a compensation service in 2008 called CO2ZERO; with a small contribution you can make your flight CO₂ neutral. By using this service you invest in CO₂ reduction projects with the Gold Standard for the Global Goals label. Besides reducing CO₂, these projects also promote local sustainable development.

Check out the actual calculation per destination (only available in English).

These calculations are made based on the type of aircraft, the distance flown and the historical load factor of a specific flight. Our CO2ZERO service is quite simply the easiest and most effective way to fly CO₂ neutral. Easily compensate the CO₂ emissions of your flights online, when booking or via My Trip.

Verification of the emission data and the methodology for calculating carbon emissions is done by KPMG Sustainability.

Download KPMG's declaration or the description of their calculation method.

KLM Takes Care

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While we naturally want to limit our environmental impact whenever possible, our ambition extends further. Not only are we working on finding the best solutions for attaining that goal, we’re also pro-actively striving to make a positive contribution to society. And in those efforts, every good idea is welcome. On the KLM Takes Care platform , you’ll find examples of what we are doing to achieve more sustainable aviation.