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Give the gift of Flying Blue Miles

Did you know you can get extra Flying Blue Award Miles – without even flying? You can buy additional Award Miles to get that special award you want or surprise someone else with a unique gift. Note that the Miles you buy will not extend the validity of your Award Miles.

Buy Award Miles for yourself

Award Miles are sold in units of 2,000. Elite members can buy an unlimited number of Award Miles. Flying Blue Ivory members can buy up to 40,000 Miles per calendar year.

Buy Award Miles

Buy Award Miles for someone else

Flying Blue

You can give your friends or family up to 40,000 Award Miles per calendar year, also in units of 2,000 Miles. Don`t know their Flying Blue number? Just send us their e-mail address and we`ll make sure they receive your gift. You can even send a gift to someone who is not yet a Flying Blue member. They can collect the Miles after they have enrolled.

Buy Award Miles for someone else

Collect Award Miles

Have you received a gift of Flying Blue Award Miles? You can collect the Miles and have them credited to your account, using the confidential code we sent you by e-mail.

Collect your Award Miles

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