Mobile game: Jets

Become pilot of your own paper plane and go on a flying adventure in the obstacle-ridden cardboard world of Amsterdam and New York.

Ready, set ... fly

Jets Game

Guide your paper plane through the old city center of Amsterdam and over its historic canals, while avoiding cars, trams and boats. Or find your way through New York’s crowded Times Square and enjoy the view from the Statue of Liberty.

With the game credits you earn you can unlock exciting new missions and more than 25 different skins for your paper plane. If you proof your skills as a pilot, you can climb the ranks from rookie to captain.

Challenge your friends
To make the journey even more exciting, you can challenge your friends via social media. Beat them in the exact same mission and save the highest rank in the leaderboard.

Unique connection with the real world
For booking a flight with KLM or arriving at your gate at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on time, you get rewarded in wings, the in-game currency.

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