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Fly around the world and visit your wish list’s every destination. With the SkyTeam Round the World planner you can plan and book the journey of a lifetime.

Around the world

Tickets to great destinations

Travel the world – for business or for pleasure – for a nice price too. Choose from 4 Go Round the World tickets and combine up to 15 stops at a fixed price!

By combining the route networks of all SkyTeam partners, you can fly practically anywhere. The SkyTeam network offers more than 1000 destinations in 169 countries.

Go Round the World tickets

The distances below are rounded off. Please use the SkyTeam Round the World Planner for the exact minimum and maximum distances per package.

Total distanceNumber of stops
Up to 41,000 kilometres
(26,000 miles)
Up to 5
Up to 46,000 kilometres
(29,000 miles)
Up to 15
Up to 53,000 kilometres
(33,000 miles)
Up to 15
Up to 61,000 kilometres
(38,000 miles)
Up to 15

The price for a Go Round the World ticket depends on the distance and travel class.

You decide which destinations you want to visit. Try the SkyTeam Round the World Planner, and see the many, many possibilities for your journey! Next, book online or give us a call and we will arrange your trip around the world.

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Love to find out the best places for scuba diving? Discover the world’s oldest historic sites? Or indulge in a global shopping spree? Just a few examples to inspire you for your journey around the world:

Ultimate romantic escape
From idyllic islands and paradise beaches to vibrant city nightlife. Select the most breathtaking backdrops for the ultimate romantic getaway!

For example: Tokyo – Amsterdam – London – Paris – Venice – Rome – Madrid – Cancún – Havana – Los Angeles – Honolulu – Tokyo for EUR 3,995 (JPY 460,000)

Ancient history tour
Visit some of the most famous ‘must see’ sites. Meet Japanese royalty and Chinese emperors, visit ancient civilizations of the Pacific and the Americas and discover the wonders of their heritages!

For example: London – Beijing – Osaka – Honolulu – Guatemala – Lima – London for EUR 2,350 (GBP 2,100)

Best beaches journey
Experience beach life around the world! Meet local people living on the edge between land and sea, learn how to surf, and take tanning to a higher level.

For example: Amsterdam – Miami – Cancun – Honolulu – Bali – Amsterdam for EUR 2,995.


Business travel around the world

If your business requires you to travel to various destinations around the world, you could benefit from a Go Round the World ticket at a fixed price.

To view the many possibilities for your business, try the SkyTeam Round the World Planner. 