Meet & Seat in Europe Business Class

28 August 2012 | Find out who will be on board your flight – now in Business Class on European KLM flights too.

Meet & Seat

Meet & Seat in Europe Business Class

Like-minded travellers, potential business partners and other interesting people: with Meet & Seat you know who will be on board long before you fly. Plus, you are in charge of who you will be sitting next to.

All travellers on intercontinental KLM flights to and from Amsterdam, and now also Europe Business Class passengers, can access Meet & Seat.


How it works

On, log on to My Trip, until 48 hours before departure:

  • Go to the ‘Seating’ tab and click ‘Meet & Seat’ on the right
  • Log in to your Facebook or LinkedIn account
  • Indicate which profile details you would like to share
  • See who sits where on your flight, and pick your seat

Your profile details will be visible only to passengers who have also shared their details. You can change your seat as often as you want.

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