Free Stopovers in Amsterdam, Paris or Fortaleza*


How about enjoying more cities for the price of 1? KLM offers, in any booking class, the possibility of free stopovers in Amsterdam, Paris or Fortaleza* on the way to your destination and on the way back home at no additional fare.
•    Free stopovers in Amsterdam and Paris are valid for all flights originating from Brazil, and on all KLM or Air France booking classes.
•    *Free stopovers in Fortaleza are valid for all flights originated in Belém, Manaus, Natal, Recife and Salvador with domestic legs operated by Gol.
•    Passengers are entitled to at least 1 free stopover on the outbound and another free stopover on the inbound per ticket.
•    For each additional stopover will be charged a 75 USD fee.Airport taxes may apply.
•    Ground transport and accommodation not included.
•    Transporte em terra e acomodação não inclusos.
•    Specific conditions on the ticket may apply.

How to arrange a free stopover

Step 1 – Select the option “Multiple destinations” on the Homepage of the
KLM Homepage and booking tool
Step 2 – You can add or delete destinations on your trip depending on your preference.
KLM Book your flight
Step 3 – After selecting the round trip of your preference including the free stopovers, you can please move forward by clicking on the “View offers” button.
KLM Book your flight
Step 4 – It is time for you to select the flight and the fare you want to book, according to your preference.
KLM Book your flight
Step 5 –After you select the first flight, select the second flight and so on for your other desired flights.
KLM Book a flight
Step 6 – All you have to do is review your flights and click on the “Continue” button.
KLM Book a flight
Step 7 – After concluding the selection of all the flight desired, the procedure is exactly like booking a regular round trip. Here is everything you need to know on how to book and pay for a flight.

Hotels, cars and more

You can plan your entire trip on, specially your free stopover. Take advantage of Amsterdam with a nice hotel as well as a car and much more. Everything you need to complete your trip (hotel, car rental etc.).