iFly ‘HOT’ edition

21 August 2012 | Hello summer! The warmest holiday destinations, sizzling cities and other hotspots you’ll find in iFly, KLM’s interactive e-magazine.

Hot discoveries

KLM - iFly ‘HOT’ edition

Have you ever thought of exploring the world from a hot air balloon? See what an African air safari would be like, or how you can float over Buddhist temples in Myanmar. We have shortlisted 5 exquisite destinations to explore from the air.

In the spotlight you will find trendy Copenhagen and tropical Aruba. For more travel inspiration, we will show you some breathtaking sunrises and the sandiest spaces to visit!

Indulge yourself with some heartwarming travel goodies – a foldable BBQ and sunglasses with built-in Bluetooth earplugs - just to mention a few.

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iFly Magazine is published 6 times per year, in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We love showing our readers around the globe, offering surprising, unknown or new sides of cities and countries on every continent, giving them the most inspiring reasons to travel.

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