KLM Presents: Bringing People Together

Nothing is more important than love, life and family. And yet so many of us live far apart. KLM brings thousands of people together every day because connecting with those you love matters most.

Love, Life and Family

KLM knows that the connections we have to those we love do not diminish with distance so we created a series of unique moments by arranging unexpected reunions between loved ones. Watch these surprise, emotional get-togethers between a mother and son, sisters, and lovers, who normally live apart. KLM cares by bringing you closer together.


Love Across Continents

About KLM
When Timothy was 13, he left his home in Hong Kong to pursue his dream of working as a musical theatre performer in Toronto. He hasn’t seen his mom Joyce since she was treated for cancer. Watch this touching reunion as KLM brings this family together.

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An Ocean Apart

From the day foreign exchange students Berfin and Charles met in Toronto, they knew they would be separated. On their first anniversary, KLM brings this young couple together in a surprise reunion with a twist.

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Twins: No Greater Bond

Dutch twins Olivia and Cynthia were inseparable until one sister moved to Canada with her husband and baby boy. After almost two years apart, KLM brings them together in a very moving reunion.

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Contest – Reunite with your loved ones

Would you like the chance to see someone you love? Tell us your story by sharing a picture of you and your loved one who lives far away and you could win a pair of KLM tickets in Economy class from Canada to their country*, reuniting you together!

* Eligible destinations only – All countries part of the KLM Network operated by a KLM flight. Are excluded countries part of the North, South or Central America.