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Want to use social media to interact with KLM? You can find us on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Choose your favourite way to connect and tune in to the latest news, great deals and personal service.


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Stay up to date on our offers, products and services. And get help with your requests, too! Things like reserving your favourite seat on board, rebooking your flight, or getting advice on how to bring your sports gear along!

For loads of travel ideas, take a peek at our inspiring pictures and videos. And we’d love to receive your stories and pictures – as well as any ideas you might have to help us serve you better.

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While booking your flight on KLM.com you can choose the option to receive your booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass and flight status updates via Facebook’s Messenger . All information will then be available in one thread, which is accessible at the airport, en route or at home. Any questions? Ask away and use the same conversation to contact us directly through Messenger. We are happy to help, 24/7.



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Be on top of the latest news and benefit from our special offers and customer service.

Like Facebook, Twitter is another way we can help you with your requests - from changing your reservation to finding out how to take your pet with you.

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Learn all about KLM’s 90 years in aviation, check out our latest special offers, keep up on our new products and see what it’s like behind the scenes!

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Find out more about our company, products and services. And be among the first to know about job opportunities at KLM!

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Want to get to know us even better? Read our blog posts written mainly by KLM employees. People who are passionate about aircraft, flying, travel and their work. Get the best travel tips from crew, find out how we paint a plane or how we track and trace your lost iPad.

And if you want to know more… just ask!

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