AIR FRANCE KLM MasterCard Gold

The new AIR FRANCE KLM MasterCard Gold not only makes your life easier – thanks to its highly attractive bonus programme, it also brings you one step closer to your dream holiday destination. Collect valuable Miles quickly and easily when shopping, eating out, staying at hotels, filling up with petrol, flying and lots, lots more.


* offer valid on AIR FRANCE , KLM or Sky Team airline partners

Miles like sand on beach!

5 000 Miles as a welcome bonus
When you sign up for an AIR FRANCE KLM MasterCard Gold, you immediately receive 5 000 Miles as an welcome gift.

Spending bonus
You receive 1 Mile for every CHF 2 you spend on your Card.

Attractive annual turnover bonus
When you renew your Card each year, we will credit you with the following bonus Miles. The more you use your AIR FRANCE KLM MasterCard Gold, the more bonus Miles you’ll receive.

Annual spending between CHF 30 000 and CHF 39 999: 3 000 Miles
Annual spending between CHF 40 000 and CHF 49 999: 4 000 Miles
Annual spending between CHF 50 000 and CHF 59 999: 5 000 Miles
Annual spending between CHF 60 000 and CHF 69 999: 6 000 Miles
Annual spending between CHF 70 000 and CHF 79 999: 7 000 Miles
Annual spending between CHF 80 000 and CHF 89 999: 8 000 Miles
Annual spending between CHF 90 000 and CHF 99 999: 9 000 Miles
Annual spending over 100 000: 10 000 Miles

2 000 Miles when you renew your Card
Every time you renew your main Card by another year, we will award you a loyalty bonus of 2 000 Miles.

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Earn double Miles when flying!

With AIR FRANCE, KLM and other numerous partners you can earn double Miles:

On one hand when you fly, on the other when you pay your ticket with the AIR FRANCE KLM MasterCard Gold! You can redeem your earned Miles for flight tickets and other attractive premiums from AIR FRANCE, KLM or other SkyTeam partner airlines, hotels, car rental etc.

No hurry when earning Miles

You can earn Miles for your dream holiday the way you like. To preserve your Miles don’t forget to fly with AIR FRANCE, KLM or one of its partner airlines at least once within 20 months.