Amsterdam from Switzerland

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Switzerland - Amsterdam

Amsterdam Travel Guide 
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1] Geneva - Amsterdam

Amsterdam from 129 CHF*
Return fare from Geneva incl. taxes and fees

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Departure from GenevaArrival in AmsterdamFlight n°Aircraft type
07:1508:55KL1924BOEING 737-700
09:1510:55KL1926EMBRAER 190
11:5513:35KL1928BOEING 737-700
14:1015:50KL1930EMBRAER 190
17:0518:45KL1932EMBRAER 190
19:2521:00KL1934EMBRAER 190


Departure from AmsterdamArrival in GenevaFlight n°Aircraft type
06:5008:20KL1925EMBRAER 190
09:3011:00KL1927BOEING 737-700
12:0013:30KL1929EMBRAER 190
14:5016:20KL1931EMBRAER 190
17:0518:35KL1933EMBRAER 190
20:2021:45KL1935BOEING 737-700

2] Zurich - Amsterdam

Amsterdam from 179 CHF*
Return fare from Zurich incl. taxes and fees

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Departure from ZurichArrival in AmsterdamFlight n°Aircraft type
06:5508:35KL1952EMBRAER 190
09:2511:00KL1954EMBRAER 190
11:5513:30KL1958BOEING 737-700
14:1516:00KL1960EMBRAER 190
17:3019:15KL1962EMBRAER 190
19:2521:00KL1964BOEING 737-400


Departure from AmsterdamArrival in ZurichFlight n°Aircraft type
07:1008:40KL1953EMBRAER 190
09:3511:05KL1957BOEING 737-700
12:0513:30KL1959EMBRAER 190
15:1016:35KL1961EMBRAER 190
17:1018:35KL1963BOEING 737-400
21:0522:25KL1969EMBRAER 190

3] Basel - Amsterdam

Amsterdam from 129 CHF*
Return fare from Basel incl. taxes and fees

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Departure from BaselArrival in AmsterdamFlight n°Aircraft type
06:4508:20KL1984KLM Cityhopper
11:2512:55KL1986KLM Cityhopper
18:2019:50KL1988KLM Cityhopper


Departure from AmsterdamArrival in BaselFlight n°Aircraft type
09:2510:50KL1985KLM Cityhopper
16:2017:45KL1987KLM Cityhopper
20:4522:10KL1991KLM Cityhopper

*Fare valid the whole year