Latest flight information: coronavirus

Last updated: Wednesday 12 May 2021, 17:00 / 5:00 PM (CET)

What you can do yourself

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we’ve been closely monitoring the situation. We can imagine you have questions about your upcoming travel plans or want to make adjustments. We highly recommend making use of the self-service options to change your flight or request a refund. For detailed information and conditions, please see the rebook and refund policies on this page.

Didn’t receive your boarding pass after checking in? Please go to the check-in desk at the airport where our staff will assist you.


Travel advice and entry requirements

Due to COVID-19, different entry restrictions apply per country. The Dutch government has imposed restrictions on passengers traveling to the Netherlands from high risk countries. From May 15, the Dutch government has assigned different colours, based on the contamination figures. Safe countries will be shaded green or yellow. High risk countries will be shaded orange and when travelling from orange countries to the Netherlands, you have to take mandatory COVID-19 tests. Please check the colour of the country from where you are traveling on  to see if a mandatory test is required. Keep in mind that the situation in a country can change quickly. Therefore, check the travel advice regularly.

Read more about the different colour codes on 

Discover the restrictions for your trip in KLM TravelDoc 

  • Are you traveling from the Netherlands?

  • Are you traveling to the Netherlands?

  • Do you have a transfer in the Netherlands?


Check KLM TravelDoc reguarly

Make sure to check KLM TravelDoc shortly before departure for all measures that apply to your trip. Enter your entire route if your trip includes transfers.

Go to KLM TravelDoc. 


Travel bans

Several countries, including the Netherlands, have issued an immediate travel ban for passengers travelling to or from certain countries. If there is a travel ban for your destination, we’ll send you a cancellation message or an e-mail with all entry requirements as soon as possible.

Check the website of the Dutch government to see the restrictions for travelling to and from the Netherlands 

For information about other destinations, visit our KLM TravelDoc tool 


Global rebook and refund policies

We’re offering several rebooking and refund possibilities, please read below what applies to you. Please note that a separate policy is in place for KLM Package Deals , KLM Flight Bundle , as well as Flying Blue reward tickets .

  • Test result comes in too late

  • Flight cancelled by the airline or travel ban for your destination


Is your flight not cancelled, but have you decided to postpone your trip?

Different policies are in place, depending on what your scheduled departure date was. Not sure what your departure date was? Check the confirmation e-mail you received after booking your flight.

If your flight has not been cancelled by the airline, you can only change your booking before the scheduled departure of your flight.

  • Tickets booked with a departure before or on 31 December 2021

  • Tickets booked with a departure on or after 1 January 2022


Need our help?

If none of the above-mentioned options suit your needs or if you’re encountering problems with our self-service tools, feel free to contact us.

Please share your booking code and last name so we can help you faster, but only via private messages.