EMD voucher

Did you receive an EMD voucher? Some vouchers can be used as credit for your next flight booking and/or to buy extra options. Some vouchers can be exchanged for money.

EMD vouchers: refundable and non-refundable

If you requested compensation on KLM.com, or if your trip did not go as planned, you may have received compensation in the form of an EMD voucher. This is an electronic voucher which you receive via e-mail. If your EMD voucher states ‘refundable’, it can be exchanged for money. If it states ‘non-refundable’, you can use it on KLM.com as credit for a flight booking or a purchase of extra options. At this moment, you can only redeem KLM vouchers on the KLM website.

Using your EMD voucher

You can exchange your EMD voucher on KLM.com:

  • Use your EMD voucher to book a flight on KLM.com
  • If you already have a booking: use your EMD voucher to buy extra options for KLM flights through My Trip
  • For money on your bank account – if your EMD voucher states ‘refundable’. Exchange your EMD for cash .
  • When booking a KLM, Delta Air Lines or Air France flight or to buy extra options for KLM flights (such as an extra comfortable seat) – if your EMD voucher states ‘non-refundable’. For any remaining credit you will receive a new EMD voucher.
  • If the currency of the EMD is other than the currency in which the price of a ticket is published, the rate of exchange will be the bankers selling rate of KLM’s local bank.

You cannot use your EMD-voucher to pay for KLM Holidays or taxes on Award tickets.

Read the Terms and conditions of EMD vouchers