Internet banking with CUP Online

China Union Pay, or ‘CUP Online’, is a form of real time banking. It allows you to pay directly for your flight reservation on Because your payment is processed immediately, we will send you your e-ticket straight away.

Can I pay with CUP Online?

You can pay with CUP Online if you have an account with a bank based in China. All bank cards issued by China based banks have CUP; this is the only payment system in China. However, you also need to subscribe to the CUP online payment option to be able to use CUP Online.

To find out if this is possible, please check the following:

  • Does your bank offer CUP online?
  • Does your bank card support online payments?
  • Did you subscribe to the CUP online payment option?

You also need to have a valid Internet banking user ID and a password. Please contact your bank for questions about CUP Online. Or consult International Payment Solutions (IPS), an organization that facilitates CUP-payments via Global Collect.

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How does it work?

  • When you make an online reservation on the Chinese KLM website, choose ‘CUP Online’ from the payment methods on the payment page.
  • Enter the information that is requested. Please make sure that all the details you have entered are correct.
  • Finalize your reservation. The IPS payment page will be opened where you can select your bank and card type. Next, you will be redirected to your bank’s CUP payment website to make your transaction. You will need your bank account details, Internet banking user ID and password.
  • As soon as your payment has been completed, you will be forwarded to the KLM website, where you will find the confirmation of your flight reservation.
  • You will receive your e-ticket(s) within one hour, via e-mail.

Daily limits

Bank accounts have a certain daily limit for payments via CUP Online. When you book your flight on, please make sure that the daily limit for your account is sufficient to pay for the total amount of your ticket(s).

If the daily withdrawal limit is lower than the total amount of your payment, your payment will not be finalized. This means that your reservation will be cancelled.

For questions about the daily limit of your account, please contact your bank.
For questions about booking your flight online, please contact us.