Entertainment on board

Time flies as you enjoy the films and other interactive audio and video entertainment available during your KLM flight.

Inflight entertainment

The latest box office hits, brilliant music, powerful drama, exotic nature documentaries, and much, much more… Interested in knowing more about the wide range of entertainment available during your KLM flight? Discover it all and view the listing.

Inflight entertainment (in English only).

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Many choices and a personal screen

Inflight entertainment

Enjoy more than 1000 hours of interactive entertainment on all intercontinental KLM flights and in various languages - from the moment you take your seat until you leave the aircraft again:

  • More than 80 and in the newest entertainment system more than 200 films, including recent releases, classics and world cinema. Many of these you can view in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish
  • Television programmes including comedy, drama, People & Planet, travel, concerts, sports and lifestyle
  • Hundreds of CDs and exclusive KLM music specials
  • Language courses
  • Dedicated Kids channels
  • Audio books
  • Games

All of this can be enjoyed on your own personal interactive screen on almost all intercontinental KLM flights (except on KLM flights to Tel Aviv on a Boeing 737 aircraft).

We update our in-flight entertainment selections around the first of every month.

To and from Asia
On all KLM flights to or from China, Korea or Japan, free local newspapers are available. Sit back and relax with one of our films subtitled or dubbed in the local language, or enjoy radio programmes in Chinese, Korean or Japanese.

Read more about our route dedicated services


Use of electronic devices

Man and woman checking tablet on board

No need to put away your mobile phone or tablet on board anymore! You can use lots of types of portable electronic devices throughout any KLM flight. You just need to set your device to airplane mode or switch off the cellular service. You are allowed to use the Bluetooth mode of electronic devices at all times (e.g. Bluetooth headsets). In order to keep the electronic device in airplane mode, Bluetooth has to be switched on separately after having selected airplane mode.

  • Devices allowed include: smartphones, tablets, e-readers, media players, radios, cameras, headphones, handheld games, pagers and certain types of medical equipment. If you want to bring any medical equipment, please contact KLM Cares 2 working days before departure.
  • You will need to use headphones if your device produces sound.
  • You can always connect your own headset to the inflight entertainment system, and also connect your power supply in World Business Class. With the newest entertainment system now available on increasingly more of our aircraft, you can even connect your USB or power supply in both Economy and World Business Class.
  • Laptops and similar larger devices, and devices that weigh more than 1 kg (2.2 lbs), need to be stowed during taxi, take-off and landing.
  • Our crew will ask you to completely switch off and stow your devices in specific circumstances only.

Devices never allowed to be used on board: e-cigarettes, remote control toys, televisions, transmitters, VHF scanner receivers and any device with cellular network service enabled.


WiFi on board

On increasingly more of our aircraft you can stay connected with your friends and colleagues, and use the Internet through WiFi. At the moment, you can use WiFi on all of our brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliners and on 1 of our Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

If the aircraft used for your KLM flight is equipped with WiFi, you can simply go to onboard.klm.com during your flight. When the aircraft has reached a certain altitude after take-off you can buy various WiFi vouchers which you can immediately redeem to use during your flight.

Read the terms and conditions for WiFi on board


The Holland Herald, our award winning magazine

Launched in 1966, the Holland Herald is not only the oldest in-flight magazine in the world, but also the biggest English language magazine in the Netherlands!

The magazine looks at an exciting theme every month. Articles cover travel, lifestyle, fun gadgets, and interesting facts and figures.

Looking for things to do? The Holland Herald gives an agenda of the Netherlands’ cultural events and descriptions of KLM’s destinations!

You can also enter the famous KLM/Holland Herald photo competition. No wonder most of our passengers take their copies away with them!

Every edition also lists the tax free articles for sale on board.

www.holland-herald.com  (only in English)