Costs and refunds

Costs and refunds

We want every passenger to sit just where they like. That is why you can select and change regular seats free of charge during check-in on or in the KLM app. Selecting a regular seat beforehand or selecting a special seat can be done at a fee.

Costs and discounts

You can pick any available regular seat for free during check-in. However, if you need some extra reassurance, you can also select a regular seat prior to check-in on long haul flights operated by KLM of Air France and on European routes operated by KLM. For most passengers, this service is available at a fee, but some travellers are exempted. Find out more about standard seat selection. Economy Comfort seats, seats with extra legroom, seat in a row of 2, and front section seat on these KLM flights can be reserved at a fee. Read more about choosing more comfort.

Fully flexible tickets

With a ticket that allows you to change and/or cancel your trip (fare types Y, B or M) you can also select regular seats free of charge at any time. If you are not sure what ticket type you have booked, simply log in to My Trip and go to ‘Select seat’ to see if a fee applies.

Group of 10 or more people

Group travellers can choose regular seats free of charge for everyone in their group from 8 days before departure until check-in closes.

Flight changes

If you reserved a seat and later changed your flight you can select the same seat type free of charge on your new flight.

If we change your flight, we will do everything we can to make sure you will have the seat you originally picked. Sometimes, however, there is an aircraft change for example. We will then go with plan B. This means that we will do our utmost to offer you our best alternative; a similar extra comfortable seat type or regular (window/aisle/middle) seat as you originally reserved. And we will try to keep group travellers seated together. Read .


If you could not sit where you wanted, we are very sorry! In the rare case that we cannot give you the same seat type with extra comfort, you may request a refund of the costs of your original seat. This is also possible if you reserved a regular seat at a fee, but were assigned another seat by us. Read more and apply for a refund.

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