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All about upgrades

Love the luxury and comforts of our Business Class? Treat yourself to an upgrade! Enjoy lounge access, a luxurious and spacious seat, personal service and a special dining experience. There is a number of different ways to upgrade to Business Class, whether your flight is intercontinental or within Europe.

What is an upgrade?

When your Economy Class ticket is changed to a Business Class ticket, we call it an upgrade.

If there are seats available you can either buy an upgrade before check-in or offline during check-in. In some cases we might offer you a last-minute paid upgrade online during check-in. An upgrade can be offered per flight segment – not for the entire journey. From time to time, this option is available at a reduced rate. If you buy this upgrade with a discount, the number of Miles earned and XP gained will remain the same as stated in the confirmation e-mail of your original booking.

Of course we have other options to make your flight a bit more special. If you’re not looking for an upgrade, but want to add more comfort to your flight, we have several seating options. We offer several Economy Class seats with more legroom or recline than the standard seats on KLM flights. They can be reserved at a fee. All these seats can be bought via My Trip or during check-in online or at the airport (if available on your flight).

When can I upgrade?

From the moment you book your ticket until check-in you can upgrade to Business Class by calling the KLM Customer Contact Centre or arrange it via My Trip (for most flights). Your check-in starts from 30 hours prior to your departure time (24 hours prior when flying from/to the US).
When check-in starts you can only upgrade if you get a last-minute paid upgrade offer or via our offline methods (if available).
If available, you can arrange our extra options (more legroom e.g.) via telephone, My Trip or at the airport from the moment you book your ticket until the moment your flight departs.

How can I upgrade?

You can upgrade to Business Class both online and offline. Prices of upgrades are available when purchasing an upgrade.

Where can I upgrade?

Before check-in you can upgrade online via My Trip. During check-in you can buy an upgrade at or  or via the KLM or Air France app. Offline upgrades are possible at the airport via an agent or a kiosk, by telephone via the KLM Customer Contact Centre, on board or in the lounges (if available).

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