Boarding your flight

Passport and security checks and boarding can take longer than expected. Per airport these times may also vary. To prevent delays, we ask that you arrive at both the airport and the gate on time, especially during the busy holiday travel seasons.

Check in and drop off your baggage

To start your journey in a relaxed way, you can easily check in online or at the airport and drop off your baggage at one of the baggage drop-off points. View the check-in and baggage drop-off times.

Would you like to travel as comfortable as possible? Then we advise you to only bring a small piece of hand luggage. It will save you lots of time, especially at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol where they have a Small Bags Only lane . If your baggage exceeds the standard allowance we will have to check your bag in and you will have to pay a fee to take it with you due to limited space on board.

To prevent missing your flight we advise you to always take in account that security checks, passport control and baggage drop off takes time.


Gate times

The boarding time is shown on both your boarding pass and information screens at the departure gate. We recommend to be at the gate before boarding starts. The amount of time between boarding and departure depends on your destination and on your departure airport. Always check the screens at the airport for possible gate changes and check your flight number on the screen of your departure gate to make sure you are at the right gate.

Gates are staffed from 90 to 60 minutes prior to departure. Boarding starts 25 to 60 minutes before departure. These times may vary per airport and destination. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol amongst others provides walking times on the airport so you’ll know when to go to your gate to be in time for boarding.



Both the KLM app and the screens at the airport show the latest boarding status of your flight. That is the most current information. Your boarding time is also stated on your boarding pass. Please note that this time may change due to unforeseen events. Make sure to be at your gate on time so we can make sure boarding goes as smooth as possible and your flight departs on time.

Prior to the boarding process, we invite passengers with reduced mobility and families with babies under the age of 2 to pre-board first. They are directly followed by our Business Class and SkyPriority passengers.

At many airports, we use zone boarding. Your zone is stated on your boarding pass and depends on your travel class, fare type and frequent flyer level. Passengers in zone 1 are the first to board, followed by zones 2 through 5.


Receive flight information on your phone

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest information concerning your flight? Use our KLM app to find all the information you need or sign up for our text message or e-mail service. We will send you your check-in time, updates on gate changes and information about delays and/or cancellation of your flight. There is no charge to sign up for this service or to receive messages.