Private Boarding

The perfect beginning of your flight!

Private Boarding

Private Boarding

KLM Curaçao offers Private Boarding, an exclusive and luxurious way for customers travelling from Curacao to Amsterdam and beyond.

With this service KLM offers customer an exclusive airport experience, facilitated by the Jet Centre Curaçao.

With KLM Private Boarding a personal hostess checks you in immediately, while customs and immigration are handled on the spot. No lines, no waiting time. Easy and comfortable. Use your time to relax or work at the private lounge with drinks, snacks, free Wi-Fi, shower and duty free shopping. VIP customers are transported by a private car via airside directly to the aircraft, once all passengers have boarded.

  • Available for $100 per person.
  • Make your reservation no later than 8 hours before take-off.
  • Exclusiveness is assured as this service is offered to a limited number of passengers per flight.

How to make your reservation 

Reserve KLM Private Boarding via