Applying for compensation

Did you incur unforeseen expenses due to the cancellation, rebooking or delay of a KLM flight? If so, you can request a compensation. You must provide proof of costs incurred in the form of receipts.

Compensation for cancellation or rebooking

You can request compensation through KLM Customer Care in the following cases:
  • Your KLM flight was overbooked and you were unable to board the flight as a result.
  • You incurred unforeseen costs during your trip (in addition to the cost of your ticket and extra options), such as phone charges or lunch.

You will receive a voucher, which you can use for a purchase on, or in some cases exchange for cash.

Download the brochure ‘Assistance and Compensation 

KLM Customer Contact Centre

Request compensation

Compensation for a flight delay

If your KLM flight was delayed, we apologise for the inconvenience. You can contact the KLM Customer Contact Centre (below) to request compensation in the following cases:

  • Upon arrival, your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours.
  • You were travelling to, from or through a European destination.
  • Your flight was not delayed due to special circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, political instability or third party strikes.

We will review your request carefully. Unfortunately, submitting a request for compensation does not guarantee that you will be granted compensation.

To handle your request as quickly as possible, please include the following information in the ‘Your message’ section:

  • The reference number of any previous complaints submitted.
  • If you were rebooked onto another flight, the flight number and travel date.
  • Whether or not this is the first time you are applying for compensation.

You will receive a voucher, which you can use for a future purchase, or in some cases exchange for cash.

Download the brochure ‘Assistance and Compensation ’ 

In line with the requirements of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, we would like to remind you that in Czech Republic an alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes (ADR) is available. As a consumer, you may use this alternative dispute resolution to submit your complaint. Further details and a link to complete the electronic form is available via: 

V souladu s požadavky České obchodní inspekce bychom vám rádi připomněli, že v České republice je k dispozici alternativní řešení v případě spotřebitelských sporů. Jako spotřebitel můžete toto alternativní řešení sporů využít k podání stížnosti. Další podrobnosti a odkaz na vyplnění elektronického formuláře naleznete na adrese: 