KLM Pack&Go



1. The following participation and game rules (hereinafter as "Rules") are concerning the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, organizační složka (Address: Karla Engliše 3219/4, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5) (hereinafter as Organizer and Data-Manager)  in the contest called "KLM Pack&Go" (hereinafter as "Game").
2. The duration of the Game is between 11:30h-14:30h June 21st, 2019. The terms of participation are to
a)     to show up on on the event's venue (square in front of cinema at Anděl district, Stroupežnického 5, Prague 5) with proper travel documentation and luggage
b)    register for the raffle
on the venue of the event. The person who fulfills the four terms bellow (hereinafter as "Steps") and is not concerned in those person in point 3. is the "Player".
The Operator's public website will include the participation terms of the Game and a link to the Rules. The person who fulfills the Steps but is outside of the Game's duration will not participate in the Game.
3. Only those person is allowed to participate in the Game who suits all the following conditions:
3.1. All of those who has a permanent address in the Czech Republic, has a valid registration made on the spot and is a natural person at least 18 years old can participate in the Game according to point 2. if he/she fulfills the Rules. In case of the Winner has limited capacity the legal representative is entitled to the Award if he/she suits the Rules.
3.2. With performing the Steps the Player acknowledges that:
3.2.1. He/she accepts the Rules of the Game and recognizes it's terms as mandatory for himself/herself.
3.2.2. If the Player does not have a valid registration made on the spot within the given timeframe or does not suit the terms of participation then the application of the Player is invalid.
3.3. The Organizer's employees and their relatives,and  the agents are excluded from the Game.
4. The Organiser selects two main winners and 5 replacement winners via raffle and announces publicly the name of the main winners on the spot of KLM Pack and Go event June 21, 2019 at 15:00 h in the venue of the event.
5. The Winners' prizes (hereinafter as "Prize") of the Game are:
Prize nr 1: a return ticket in economy class for 2 person between Prague and Amsterdam, the tickets are provided by the Organizer. Plus 2 night stay in a hotel at least with 3* in Amsterdam. Breakfast included.
Prize nr 2: a a return ticket on economy class for 2 person between Prague and Aruba with a transfer in Amsterdam, the tickets are provided by the Organizer. Plus 1 night stay in a hotel at least with 3* in Amsterdam and 5 nights stay in a hotel in Aruba. Breakfast included.
5.1. The Prize does not include any further services.
5.2. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Prizes.
5.3. The Winner is entitled to take over the Prize at the spot of the event, right after the raffle.
5.4. The prize is not exchangable for money or cannot be transferred.
6. The Oraganizer selects two main Winners. If the Winner does not appear at the event's venue durig the raffle and announcement or not able to identify himself/herself, or not packed for the instant leave for the airport, the Winner will be disqualified from the Game and the next Replacement Winner will be notified as a Winner.
7. Only those Players are eligible to the participation in the Game and for the Prize who fulfill the terms of the Game and give the correct personal data necessary for the identification to the Operator. For any inaccuracy/deficiency/mistake (i.e. misspelled name, wrong address, mistaken or false data) in personal data given by the Player; or the missing or delayed serving; or the damage in the course of serving the Organizer does not take responsibility.
8. The participation and the supplying of personal data in the Game is voluntary. The purpose of the data management is the selection of the Winners and the administration related to the Game. The data will be deleted three months after the end of the Game - except the data of the Winner because of the public accountancy. The Organiser asks the Players attention to carefully read the Rules and the terms of data management. The Organiser does not take any responsibility for those participants or any other person who does not take into consideration the related laws, the contractual obligations or the violation of the terms of the Rules. The Players accept the terms of data management and the Rules with the participation in the Game. The Players acknowledge with the participation that:
8.1. The Organiser is eligible to publish the full name of the Winner. The Winner explicitly and irreversibly consents to the publication of the previous data.
8.2. The Organiser uses the personal data given in the Game to the services related to the Game execution and tasks when it is necessary and will be used in the manner of this purpose.
8.3. Image-, audio- and video footage will be shot of the handover of the Prizes and the Winners which can be used by the Operator  to the promotion of the products and services in advertisements, websites, Facebook pages without any further consent or consideration, even just a part of it or fully and can be published on the internet.
9. The Organiser as the data manager guarentees that the data management is performed legally. The Operator provides the opportunity for the Players to request information about the data management or request the deletion or modification at any time via 1426 Budapest Pf 190/12 address or online www.klm.cz
10. The data management identification number is NAIH63171/2013.
11. The Organizer is responsible for any occurring tax costs regarding to the Prizes, the Winners do not have to pay any costs in connection with that.
12. According to the Rules, the Organizer is only giving guarantee and liablity for the those terms which are included in the measures and are mandatory. Any further tacit or legal guarantee, warranty or liability are declined to the extent permitted by Czech law, especially those cases included in the Rules.
13. If there are any reason to suspect for abuse or breach of the Rules occur or in any vis major condition, the Organizer  does not take any liability on any controversial cases on who should be recognized as Winner and reserve the right to hold back the Prize until the parties close the controversial case legitimately.
14. The Organizer reserves the right to intermit or suspense the Game for any reason.
15. The Rules shall be governed by Czech law. Any disputes arising under or in conncetion with the Rules shall be settled by the competent courts of the city of Prague, Czech Republic. In case of any dispute, the Czech version of these Rules shall prevail.
19. The Organizer published the Rules on the official website www.klm.cz
20. The Organizer maintains the right to change the terms and conditions of the Rules of Game at any time.
21. The Organizer does not take any correspondance about the Game or the Rules. In any controversial cases the decision of the Organizer is the authoriative. The Organizer does not take any liability for any accidental printing mistakes on the communication materials.
Prague, June 11, 2019
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines organizační složka