About our ticket prices

The ticket prices on KLM.com include all taxes and surcharges. Only the booking fee and any payment fee will be added during booking.

Ticket price before booking

On KLM.com, we always offer you first the lowest priced fare type available for a specific flight. During booking, you can change the fare type to one with more benefits and conditions (for example, more flexibility to change your travel dates). This may result in a higher ticket price.

Also included in the ticket price are various taxes and surcharges:

Taxes and surcharges included in the
ticket price
Amount per passenger
Airport tax for Amsterdam Airport SchipholSecurity surcharge of EUR 12.17
Passenger surcharge of EUR 14.38
Noise surcharge of EUR 0.50
Total: EUR 27.05
Airport taxes for other airports where you
will be departing, arriving or taking
a connecting flight
Varies per airport
Security surcharge to cover insurance and
security measures
EUR 5 per flight
Carrier-imposed chargeVaries per destination

Fees added during booking

Some fees are not included in the ticket price and will be added during booking:

Unavoidable fees added to the ticket priceAmount per passenger
Booking fee

125 CZK on KLM.com

600 CZK (Europe) and 800 CZK (Long Haul) via KLM Telephone Reservations

800 CZK (Europe) and 1000 CZK (Long Haul) via a KLM Ticket Office

Total ticket price

You can find a breakdown of the fare, taxes, surcharges and extra fees and the total ticket price:

  • At various steps during booking on KLM.com
  • In your booking confirmation e-mail
  • In My Trip

Naturally, you can always contact us if you have any questions.

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