KLM’s Boeing 737-800 specifikationer og pladsoversigt

Boeing 737-800

We’ve got no less than 27 Boeing 737-800’s in our fleet. This kind of Boeing flies mostly to destinations within Europe, so you might fly in it to Lisbon, Madrid or Moscow. These destinations may differ per season. The Boeing 737-800 is one of 3 Boeing 737 types in our fleet, as we also have the -700 and the -900. Just like those aircraft, the -800’s are named after birds: Swan, Falcon, Grouse, Eagle, Hawk, Swallow, Goose, Swift, Avocet, Blackbird, Crane, Herring Gull, Sparrow Hawk, Partridge, Pintail, Owl, Robin, Grebe, Albatross, Redshank, Whimbrel, Flamingo, Blue Tail, Green Woodpecker, Great Shearwater, Redwing, and Bluethroat.


Boeing 737-800


  • Europe Business ClassEurope Business Class
  • Sæde blokeret for din personlige pladsSæde blokeret for din personlige plads
  • Economy ComfortEconomy Comfort
  • Economy ClassEconomy Class
  • Plads med ekstra benpladsPlads med ekstra benplads
  • ToiletToilet
  • GalejGalej


Fakta om flyet

Vingefang35,80 m
Længde39,47 m
Højde12,60 m
Marchhastighed850 km/t / 528 mph / 459 knob
Max. rækkevidde4,200 km / 2,430 nmi
Max. passagerer186
Maksimal vægt ved takeoff73,700 kg / 162,480 pund
KLM ejer 27 fly af denne type

Gennemsnitlig seat pitch på

Europe Business Class33 tommer/84 cm
Economy Class30 tommer/76 cm
Economy Comfort33 tommer/84 cm

På flyet

Konfiguration Business Class3-3 (blokeret midterplads)
Konfiguration Economy Class3-3
WiFi tilgængeligtNej
StrømforsyningKun på Business Class og Economy Comfort
Antal af toiletter3

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