Travel Guarantee Fund / Rejsegarantifonden

From July 1, 2015 Rejsegarantifonden will be responsible to arrange repatriation of customers who have bought a flight only ticket, if customers are stranded as a result of the provider's bankruptcy and have a return ticket to Denmark. Customers therefore no longer require separate bankruptcy coverage to be guaranteed repatriation. When buying a flight only ticket, the insurance will be included in the price.
The "Provider" is the customer's contracting party, ie the airline if you bought the ticket directly from the airline. If you bought the ticket at a travel agency, the travel agency is the customer’s contracting party, unless the agent has clearly specified that your contracting party is the airline.
 If there is sufficient money in the fund, it will also cover all or part of advance payments for future travel, however with a deductible of 1,000 kr. per. person. There is no guarantee of a refund from the fund if your journey has not started. However, there are other options to recover lost prepayments:  If you have an international payment card (eg MasterCard), you probably have the opportunity to have your prepaid ticket refunded if the airline goes bankrupt – for further information please contact your payment card issuer. 

Customers who bought bankruptcy cover before 1 July 2015:
Customers who bought bankruptcy insurance before 1 July 2015, according to the rules in force until 30 June 2015, continue with this coverage even though the journey only takes place after 1 July 2015. This means that customers will be repatriated if they are stranded as a result of the provider's bankruptcy. If they have not yet started their journey, they will receive a full refund of the ticket exclusive of insurance.