Checking in at the airport

Unable to check in online? Then check in at one of the self-service kiosks at the airport and hand your baggage over at one of the baggage drop-off points.

Checking in

Checking in online is the fastest and simplest way of checking in. If you are unable to check in online, you can still check in at one of our self-service kiosks at the airport. These can be found at the entrance to counters 14/15 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

In just a couple of easy steps you can check in yourself and your travelling companions. As when you check in online, you can choose your favourite seat on board.

This is how the kiosk works:

Step 1 
Insert your passport or frequent flyer card, or enter your ticket number or booking code. Your booking details will appear on the screen.

Step 2 
Select your seat on the seating map. You can also buy a seat in the Economy Comfort zone, a seat with extra legroom, or a preferred seat. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to an upgrade to World Business Class! All it takes is a credit card to make the change.

Step 3
Print your boarding pass.

Step 4
Do you have check-in baggage? Simply hand it over at the nearest baggage drop-off point, and proceed to the gate. Have a good trip!

If you are already checked in, you can also use the kiosks to print your boarding pass. They are available round the clock at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. At most other airports, the kiosks are available for checking in and printing boarding passes at least two hours before flight departure.

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Check-in for flights to Asia 
You can also use our kiosks in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. These languages are also spoken by our assistants at the gate. They are gladly available for translation of all announcements made, and to help you with any questions before boarding.

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SkyPriority services

Sky Priority logo

When you are travelling in First or Business Class, as a Flying Blue Gold and Platinum or SkyTeam Elite Plus member, you can enjoy a dedicated check-in desk with fast check-in and red-carpet treatment.

We will also handle your baggage with priority: simply go to a self-service or a regular baggage drop-off point. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, these are located at check-in desks row 9, 10 and 11.

After check-in, SkyPriority passengers can pass through security or immigration using the priority fast lane at an increasing number of airports worldwide.

For a super smooth journey, simply look for the red SkyPriority signs!

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Get to your gate faster from Privium Parking P2 at Amsterdam Airport

Please note
: the Privium pedestrian bridge from P2 Parking to Piers B and C is closed. For more information, please visit the Schiphol website .

Now you can get to your gate even faster after parking your car at Schiphol! Piers B and C can now be accessed using a footbridge from Privium Parking P2.

You can use the footbridge if you:

  • Are travelling in First or Business Class, are a Flying Blue Gold and Platinum, SkyTeam Elite member or a Privium traveller, and

  • Have already checked in online and are travelling with hand baggage only, and

  • Are travelling to a Schengen country.

The footbridge bypasses the Departure Hall, with only a security check to go through. The bridge can be used on working days between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. The bridge cannot be accessed from the arrival gates at Schiphol.

Check-in desks

Airport map
Overview of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s departure terminalsEnlarge this image

You can also check in at the check-in desks for flights departing the same day. The check-in desks at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for Schengen countries are located in Departure Hall 1 and for non-Schengen countries in Departure Hall 2 and are open from 5:00 am from Tuesday to Thursday and from 4:30 am from Friday to Monday. Our check-in desk staff is also happy to help you should you only have a question.

Lounge check-in

Our KLM Crown Lounges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Houston, Dubai and Toronto offer a comfortable and quiet check-in service. This service is also available in all Delta Sky Club Lounges and in the Air France lounge in terminal 2E, 2F and 2G at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

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Baggage drop-off point

If you have already checked in, you only need to hand over your check-in baggage at one of the baggage drop-off points at the airport. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for Schengen counties these are located in Departure Hall 1 and for non-Schengen countries in Departure Hall 2. Most airports accept your baggage up to 2 hours before your flight departs on the day of departure.

You will be issued a baggage claim tag for every bag that you check in. Make sure to save these tags until you have received your baggage at your destination.

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Self-service baggage drop-off

Self-service baggage drop-off points at Schiphol

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you can deliver your baggage to a self-service baggage machine. For Schengen countries these are located in Departure Hall 1 and for non-Schengen countries these are located in Departure Hall 2.

The self-service baggage drop-off points can be used if:

  • you are already checked in, either online or at one of the kiosks;
  • you are not bringing along more bags than the standard baggage allowance;
  • you have valid travel documents; 

If you have excess baggage, you can use the regular baggage drop-off points.

The self-service baggage drop-off point works as follows:

Step 1
Place one baggage item on the belt.

Step 2
Scan your boarding pass to identify yourself.

Step 3
Check the details about your booking that appear on the screen.

Step 4
An adhesive label will be printed automatically. Attach this label to your baggage and indicate on the screen that you have done so.

Step 5
The self-service baggage drop-off point will print out confirmation that you have checked in baggage. Make sure to save this confirmation. Your baggage is now checked in.

Please repeat these steps for every piece of baggage that you bring along.

Our colleagues would be happy to help you at the baggage drop-off points should you need assistance.