Rate destinations on KLM.com

20 Marzo 2012 | What did you think of your last holiday? Was your hotel a real winner? From now on you can add your review of KLM destinations and hotels on KLM.com, and of course find ratings, reviews and tips from other travellers.


Rate destinations on KLM.com

By offering reviews from other travellers, the Destination guide now offers you more objective information. Not to mention inspiration!

With any KLM destination in the guide on KLM.com you can find a rating from 1 to 5, of which 5 means ‘excellent’. In addition you will also find reviews: descriptions of travellers who have visited the city.

You too can add a review to the guide. Your contribution will be posted within 72 hours.


Review hotels

Similarly, hotels can be rated and reviewed too. Let the world know what you thought of your room, the service or the location of the hotel.

Have you recently been on a trip? Write a review!

Rate and review a destination