Boarding your flight

Passport and security checks and boarding can take longer than expected. To prevent delays, we ask that you arrive at both the airport and the gate on time, especially during the busy holiday travel seasons.


The boarding time is shown on both your boarding card and on the various information screens throughout the airport. The gate number is also shown. Since the gate number can change, we recommend paying close attention to any announcements made and the information screens at the airport (for travellers to non-Schengen countries: if you notice your abbreviated name on the screens, please go to the desk at the gate for further information).

The amount of time prior to departure that boarding begins depends on the destination and the type of aircraft:

DestinationGate open
Europe: ‘Schengen countries*55 minutes before departure
Europe: ‘non-Schengen countries*55 minutes before departure
Intercontinental90 minutes before departure

* According to the Schengen Convention, residents of member countries may travel freely between and through these countries. Many European countries fall under the Schengen Agreement.

Hand baggage
Special rules apply to all hand baggage and the taking of liquids and tax-free items onto the aircraft.

If you travel in KLM Business Class, or if you are a Flying Blue (or SkyTeam) Elite Plus member, you will be one of the first to board the aircraft. Just look for the red SkyPriority signs!

Read more about SkyPriority

When does the gate close?

When does the gate close?

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can board up to 15 minutes before departure for all KLM flights.

At other airports, these times can differ. Please check the information screens at the airport carefully for the latest information.

If you arrive after the gate closing time, you will not be allowed onto the aircraft.

Please note: The gate closes at least 10 minutes earlier if the aircraft is not parked directly at the gate. We will ask you to go to the aircraft on foot or by bus if you depart from:

  • Germany: Berlin*, Bremen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt* or Nuremberg
  • France: Marseille* or Toulouse*
  • Italy: Bologna or Venice*
  • Norway: Kristiansand, Sandefjord or Trondheim
  • Sweden: Linköping
  • the United Kingdom: Aberdeen, Bristol, Cardiff, Humberside or Liverpool
  • Egypt: Cairo

* Depending on the departure time

Receive flight information by SMS or e-mail

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest information concerning your flight? Sign up for this service and we will send you the following information by SMS or e-mail:

  • check-in time
  • any gate changes
  • boarding time
  • any delay or cancellation of your flight

There is no charge to sign up for this service or to receive messages.

Read more about receiving flight information by SMS or e-mail

Get to your gate faster from Privium Parking P2 at Amsterdam Airport

Now you can get to your gate even faster after parking your car at Schiphol! Piers B and C can now be accessed using a footbridge from Privium Parking P2.

You can use the footbridge if you:

  • Are travelling in First or Business Class, are a Flying Blue or SkyTeam Elite member or a Privium traveller, and

  • Have already checked in online and are travelling with hand baggage only, and

  • Are travelling to a Schengen country.


The footbridge bypasses the Departure Hall, with only a security check to go through. The bridge can be used between the hours of 5:00 am and 8:00 pm. The bridge cannot be accessed from the arrival gates at Schiphol.