2 Abril 2014 | Maybe stay a bit longer, or take an earlier flight? Add Flexibility when booking your KLM flight and be free to adjust your flight schedule once free of cost.

Be flexible

Booked a flight? Make your trip complete!

At just EUR 14 per person, Flexibility gives you the freedom to:

  • Change any or all flights in your booking once
  • Change travel date(s) and/or time(s)
  • Change up to 7 days before departure of the flight you wish to change

Adding Flexibility is possible during booking on KLM.com, for European KLM flights that will depart in 10 or more days.


Change free of cost

Change of plan? If you bought Flexibility with your flight and you have a change of plan, just call us. We will personally arrange your flight change (we won’t charge you the telephone administration fee).

You also won’t have to pay a change fee, an administration fee or fare difference costs as long as you change to the same fare type. Only recalculating taxes may add a bit to the new ticket price.

Soon, changing flights for which you bought Flexibility will be possible online in My Trip too!

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