Use your mobile & more on board

1 Abril 2014 | Flying with KLM? No need to stow your beloved electronic gadgets during take-off and landing anymore! Simply switch to airplane mode (or switch off the cellular service) and continue playing, reading and listening throughout your flight.

Mobile, tablet, e-reader…


Many ‘portable electronic devices’ can be used on KLM flights – and as of 1 April 2014, throughout the entire flight!

The devices you can continue to use during take-off and landing include smartphones, tablets, e-readers, media players, cameras and headphones (except wireless Bluetooth ones), handheld games, pagers and medical equipment.

From the moment you board your aircraft until you leave us again, we only ask you to switch your device to ‘airplane mode’ (or switch off the cellular service) and use headphones (not the wireless Bluetooth types). Laptops and similar larger and heavier devices will need to be stowed briefly during taxi, take-off and landing only.

  • Our crew may ask you to completely switch off and stow your devices in specific circumstances only.
  • Devices never allowed to be used on board: e-cigarettes, wireless Bluetooth headphones, personal air purifiers, remote control toys, televisions, transmitters, VHF scanner receivers and any device with cellular network service enabled.

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